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  1. South East
    So I'm looking around for something tough to get all this iron and gunk off my wheels. I let it get too far and now its just stubborn as hell to get off. I come across this "devil's blood" stuff and it seems awesome. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere sold in tx or even the US in general? Is...
  2. Washing & Waxing
    So recently, I was asked to do a wash/wax and interior clean for my mechanic after he saw mine (which I had just washed, clayed, polished and waxed [RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT]). He'd had a guy come in and say he had a 'little' truck he was wanting to look nice so he could sell it. He...
  3. Washing & Waxing
    Need some detailing advice (Primo Spaghetti??). Just had my brand new black 2014 Laramie 1500 washed for the first time. Did my research and went to a highly-regarded hand wash operation here in Atlanta. They did a great job. Man, that is a BEAUTIFUL truck!! I wanted them to put a good...
1-3 of 3 Results