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  1. LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have an 06 Hemi 1500 truck. My check engine light came on the other day and it stays on until I shut off the engine. If I understand correctly I hold in the odometer reset button as I turn the key on to check the codes. I get the following codes in this order... S 116 . 281 C 447. Then...
  2. Electrical
    hi guys im new here so i hope this is in the right spot. I have a 96 dodge ram 1500 clubcab laramie slt with the 5.2 and was wondering why my clearance?(little orange ones by headlights) are always on as well as my tail lights are always lit up. i noticed this after we installed a new radio in...
  3. LD RAM - General Discussion
    Trying to find out if my '03 RAM has a trouble code retrieval w/o scanner method, like the Caravan and other cars do reading the flash(es), pause, flash(es) after performing a bunch of steps in order to get diagnostic mode. Sorry if this is a repost; I searched on codes, MIL, CEL, etc. and came...
1-3 of 5 Results