1. ISO PCM Pin diagram alternator won’t engage

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey guys! I’m in need of a pin out diagram for the PCM of my 2010 Ram 1500 Sport, 5.7L Hemi. Had a bad alternator, bench tested and then replaced. New one bench tested good. I have checked out all connections in regards to fuse box and fuseable link. I now need to check the control wires that...
  2. Need serpentine belt diagram and can't find it anywhere?

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    Who'd have thought it would be so dang hard to find? Not under my hood, and I can find every friggin diagram dodge has ever made except the '10. Also, how can i tell exactly which HEMI I have? Nothing under the hood and nothing in the glove box. Just bought the truck.
  3. Rf remote install with wire location for hard wire

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Looking to hardwire the ground and power wires (battery not ignition linked) for my new remote start and rf remote extended range module. I have not really worked on this truck much but I am familiar with installs. Does anyone have a quick wire location so I can use a T splice for...
  4. ram1500 5.9l brake line probs

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Bought this truck from a friend. Has been sitting for over a year. Blew 1 brake line, fixed it and two weeks later the driverside rear line has blown. Having trouble finding the area of the leak. Any advice and/or where I can find a brake line diagram? Can't afford a mechanic right now. Thanks.
  5. Hades(H.I.D) backside discomfort

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    installed h13 hid kit. added relay harness, cancel harness(2), resistors. lights up, then shuts off while cruising. go up to high beams then back down and they come back on. usually one light out, but both do shut off at times. looks nice when they are on, but very embarrassing when one turns...
  6. Camshaft Sensor

    Performance Mods - Engine - 4.7 Liter V8
    Im looking for a photo or a diagram of where the camshaft sensor is located.... can any1 help me out?!!!!
  7. Need help w/ HVAC damper actuator vacuum line wiring

    Body & Interior
    Hello Everyone, I recently installed an aftermarket radio in my 88 Dodge D100. Afterwards the vent control no longer worked. Everything comes out of the center vents. It does not matter if I select defrost, vent, heat (floor), etc, everything comes out of the center vents. After doing a bit...