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    2011 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Big Horn. I am tracking down an issue, the lock button on my drivers door master switch does not work. All other buttons work. Passenger side lock switch works for all doors. I tested for 12v power on the 2 wires going to the actuator, there is power with unlock button...
  2. Body & Interior
    My drivers door master switch (locks and windows), everything works except the lock button. The passenger door lock button will lock the drivers door, so I am fairly certain it is nothing mechanical like rods or the actuator. I pulled the door panel and put a test light on the two tan wires...
  3. Electrical
    got a 2004.5 3500 cummins 6spd man. driving down the road, chime goes off. after 2-3 time of that the cluster resets and the engine stalls. no buss on rare occasions had head lights turn on by them selves on rare occasions had wipers turn on on rare occasions I installed an external voltage...
  4. 2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    2014 ram tradesman quadcab. Anytime the lock button or key fob is pressed the driver door actuate 2 times. But never locks. It looks like it goes all the way up and down. You can lock it manually... Any ideas?
1-4 of 4 Results