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  1. LD RAM - General Discussion
    2015 Ram 1500, and the power locks will not work with the key fob or door panel. Fuse f14 appears to be fine. Thoughts?
  2. 2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey, My 2014 1500 Laramie is doing something strange. When you push the lock button on the door handle, it honks, but randomly, the locks don't lock at all, or just the front lock and the back stay open. A second press usually recovers and they lock. If a back door is unlocked and you forget...
  3. 2009 Dodge Ram Forum
    Dealership is saying a short in my wiper motor took out the tipm. Took them 5 days to come to this conclusion. My question is, is that possible? 102,000 on the odo, ext warranty ended @ 100K, $1200 fix. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Electrical
    I tried searching the forum the best I could but found no exact solutions. Whenever I activate the door lock switch on the armrest, or hit the 15 mph speed, the doors lock. but there is a very loud "buzz" noise coming from the left rear door. I removed the panel and plastic liner, but there is...
  5. Body & Interior
    I'm new in this forum, but i feel it's a great tool for anyone needing support especially those of us who (think we can) do it ourselves. I have a 2005 dodge ram quad cab and as many of the door problems here wouldn't open from the outside. I removed the latch and tried to bypass the power lock...
  6. Electrical
    Weeks ago my car was at the car shop for some fixes. After i got it back the door locks(all 4) wont lock or open from inside buttons. They dont even open/clise from the car remote fob. Can any1 help?? The weird thing is that i have not done anything with electricity at the car shop i have only...
  7. 2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    When I lock my truck whether it be by the fob or the door or get up to speed and auto lock goes off my rear door locks lock then bumps about 6 times like it keeps trying to lock. the door successfully locks but its irritating. Does anyone else have a truck that does that?
  8. Electrical
    Hi Guys I have an 04 2500 and both front and back drivers side electric door locks have quit working, passenger side works fine. Seeing as both went out at the same time I don't think this is a motor issue. Is this a common problem and does anyone have a suggestion on where to start. Thanks
  9. 4.7L (287 cu in) PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    Please Help!! lol I have a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 4.7l engine. It was wrecked in the front had it completely fixed put an 08 4.7 l back in. Worked great for a month now the truck keeps dieing driving down the road. Go to start truck back up starter engages for one second and then stops or...
  10. Electrical
    So My truck is acting a little crazy. When I do the initial start up my trucks interior lights and the door locks and the the warning bell will start to go off when i put the truck in drive. All off this will go off about 15 times, and during this "cycle" if i let off the gas then it stops the...
  11. 2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    Sooo.... My Ram has power locks, windows ect but no factory keyless entry, alarm. Some dirty mother ****er has broken into my truck TWICE now in the past month. Finally broke down a bought an alarm/remote starter. It's an Autopage RS730. $160 off ebay (brand new!). Yes I've searched all over the...
  12. Body & Interior
    Hi everyone from a cold and wet England. I am hoping that through your knowledge and experience you will be able to answer a couple of questions for a new owner of a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT with a SUPER Cummins 5.9 diesel. I would like to know if you can replace the rear lamps on the 2004...
  13. Electrical
    Does anyone have access to the wiring schematic for the power locks on this model? I have a Haines manual, but for love nor money and no matter how much I hunt I can't find this particular schematic. If anyone knows what page it's on in the manual, please let me know. Oh and does anyone know...
1-13 of 15 Results