driveline vibration

  1. 09 Ram 4X4 Hum and Vibration

    Drive Line
    Good Morning and thanks in advance for all responses. Forgive me for bringing up a topic that's been talked about a lot but seems to still baffle me. Between 30 and 40 mph I get a hum that sounds like a large knobby tire. It happens in drive and neutral. Turing or straight. All road types. As...
  2. VIBRATIONS! @ 35 & 70 mph on Dodge 2500

    2009 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have had a vibration in my rear end at 35 &70 MPH. I have had it up on a rack with wheels free to spin while in gear. Symptoms noted: Caliper for the brakes move back n forth laterally left worse than right. Tire moves up and down perceptibly. Mechanic "A" says I have a set of bent axles-need...
  3. Vibration for an unknown source

    Here's the story. About a month ago I was passing someone a got to a relatively high speed around 95mph I believe. At this speed the truck began to vibrate very loudly in a droning fashion. A few moments later after I got down to high way speed white smoke began poring out the back. long story...
  4. vibration while accelerating

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    I have noticed a strong vibration in my 01 ram 2500 4x4 5.9l v8 when I am accerlerating in 2wd at speeds 28-32mph, around 45mph, and upwards of 65mph. No check engine light on at this time. If I let off the throttle or am coasting the vibration is minimal or ceases. It seems to be coming from...