1. Headlight/turn signal question

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    I purchased a used 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie in February. When I bought it, it had some condensation in the headlights. Looks like previous owners tried to do some kind of modification, and did a poor job sealing it back up. These appear to be the factory projector housing assemblies. I just...
  2. Disable DRL on Canadian Ram 1500 with quads

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    My 2015 Ram 1500 is from Canada (but now is in the US) and has DRLs that use the high beam. I want to disable them because I installed LED bulb conversions that cause the DRLs to flicker. Also, if they didn't flicker, they would stay on high beam all the time as DRLs because they don't have the...
  3. Daytime Running Lights??

    2017 Dodge Ram Forum
    Does the 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab come with LED Daytime Running Lights? It looks like they're on the vehicle, but they only light up Amber when the regular headlights are on, as if they're the parking lights. Is it something that can be have them light up white...
  4. Passenger Side DRL out

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey Everyone, I have a Passenger side DRL that will not come on, I have the quad lights and my high beams still work fine, i have bypassed the factory plug as i have herd they can cause a problem but still nothing. I can't see it being a grounding issue because the High beam works. When my DRLs...
  5. DRL issue with LED Install

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have an ongoing headlight issue, I installed an Opt7 LED kit in my 2012 ram 1500 sport,about 2 weeks ago, I replaced the fogs, as well as high and low beams. Problem is my DRL on my Passenger will not light/stay lit. I am in Canada and DRLs are mandatory. When I put truck in gear the drivers...
  6. Syder Lights Wired as DRL's - 1st Write up

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    This weekend I installed Spyder headlights. I wanted the LED's and Halo's to be on all the time. (DRL's) I did not want to wire them to the parking lights, cuz I am lazy and do not want to turn on the switch. I could not find a write up on how to do this, so if there is one I apologize for...
  7. 2014 Ram Day Time Running Lights

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Ok Dumb ? Yesterday I pulled into a business with nice reflective windows and noticed that no lights were on the front of my RAM. Do we not have DRL's ? I have a 2014 Bighorn with the standard non projector lights.
  8. Fellow Canadians - HID and DRL

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hello fellow Canadians (or our American brothers who also enjoy DRL)... I would like to switch out my quad lights for HID but it seems like it might break the daytime running lights (DRL) which means my truck won't pass government inspection. Can anyone confirm that installing HID light systems...
  9. Spyder Lights and DRL LED Accessory lights

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    Hey guys just got my Chrome Spyder CCFL headlights today. I also ordered the LED accessory DRL with it, I have seen the videos on youtube and have read the install on the forum but i have not seen anyone using the DRL LED kit. Is there anyone running these lights with the DRL LED accessory kit...
  10. Paging wiring gurus - HID with DRL Idea

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    I am interested in retrofitting Morimoto H1s into the stock quad light housing on my 2010 Sport. I am from Canada, so my truck has the daytime running lights (DRLs). Ideally, I would like the cut-off solenoid on the Morimoto to operate as intended (on the high beam circuit). However, the DRL...
  11. Daytime running lights - how to install?

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi goverment in russia suddenly decide that evereyone must have DRL. :thk: so i have US version of dodge without this option, but hear that rams from canada have drl in stock. so what parts should i order to get drl on my ram? is it possible to make without dealer scaner etc?