1. 3500's lifted pictures

    I like the 2500 but some of us like the duallys so post up the pic's of your trucks. Please state the amount of lift, wheel offset and size and most importantly, tire size. Maybe we can get enough people to post and see if the op would sticky this cause theres one for 3/4 tons but not the 1 ton's
  2. UK ram owner needs help please

    Hi I have a 1500 and a 3500 6.7 Dually, the 3500 is a mega cab and I tow a 30 ft ultra lite 5th wheel it, great for towing but the ride as a daily drive is not good, the 1500 is like a limo in comparison. My question please if I can get a 2500 mega cab is the ride better than the 3500 and would...
  3. Keep it or Sell it?

    South West
    What would you do? Mfg in 1995 Dodge Ram 1 ton dually w/4WD Came out of customization shop in 1996 Yep it was made from a 2 door Dodge Ram, and became a 4 Door before there was such a thing (well we had a '64 4 door Power Wagon when I was a kid) in that second generation Dodge Ram :Wow1: ha...
  4. Does TPMS warning light work with DRW

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I had an unfortunate day the other day, I was toggling thru my EVIC and saw that my inside passenger side tire had zero psi. After physically checking it sure enough it was flat and had a drywall screw embedded in it.The odd and disturbing thing is I never got a warning light? The tire had not...
  5. Truly one of a kind (work in progress)

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Body
    This is my 2006 dodge ram 3500 used daily over the road transporting everything from cars to fith wheel campers and even a cab over mack dump truck (pics to prove it) cureently has been streched 5.5 feet and she is patiently waiting for me to take time off the road give her a break and install...
  6. Dually Wheels.

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    What's up everyone. I'm looking to put dually wheels on my 1500, I really like the look, I don't want the double wheels in the rear tho. My question is using a 5 lug to 8lug adaptor will I be able to run just the outer wheel in the rear? I've got some eBay items, if anyone can check them out...
  7. 6" Lift for Dually Help

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    Ok, I hate to have a redundant post but I've honestly put a lot of effort in trying to figure out what kind of leveling kit and 6" lift kit to use for my 2012 3500 Dually. I've had minimal success mainly due to not many people lifting a 3500 dually and 1000's of threads and responses to sort...