1. 2012 Ram 1500 sport "ECO" indicator

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Can someone educate me futher on the ECO indicator. Mine seems to have two settings. At lower speeds 40-80km/h the ECO comes on when cylinders de-activate. I can tell by the feel and sound from the truck. Then it gives a little jerk (seconds later) with out adjusting position of the throttle...
  2. New 2013 Ram Laramie Owner"Unsatisfied"

    Dodge Ram Forum CANADA
    :i_redface: I have had nothing but problems with my 2013 Dodge Ram Laramie. I have owned it for 67 days and it has been 35 days in the shop. 25 continuous and counting. They have replaced and fixed: 3 tires Ecu Unit Fuel Pump Radio ( presently awaiting part for 25 days) I have not driven it for...
  3. ECO question

    5.7L (345 cu in) HEMI V8 Specific Topics
    Just bought an 11 sport this week. Noticed while running down the highway at 65 with the cruise set that the ECO was not kicking in so I was getting 16 mph. I then slowed and set the cruise at 55 and the ECO kicked in and my mpg went up to 20.5. I then played around and found that the eco...