1. Mechanic messed with my truck

    2ND Generation Dodge Ram – 1994 to 2001
    So I have a stock Dodge ram 2500, early 94 with a Cummins in it, and the compressor recently blew out. I live in az so ac is a must, and I sent it to an auto mechanic who's supposed to specialize in Dodge ram Cummins. I also had a problem where a buzzing noise would come up after I cold started...
  2. Front Windows, master lock & mirrors NOT working

    Hey guys, so I have a 2012 Ram 2500 and the other day my front windows, mirror and master lock on drivers side stopped working. The weird thing is I can roll down the back windows from the driver side and they work fine. I checked the fuses and replaced the master switch on the driver side and...
  3. dash lights not working when light selector is in "auto"

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    recently put in an aftermarket head unit and ever since my dash-lights will only work when i have the headlights/fog lights selected on my dial instead of just leaving the selector in auto, any ideas?
  4. Fuel Pump or electrical problem?

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi everyone ! People tell me I have a fuel pump problem. Let me explain my the chain of events that lead up to my problem. I recently moved to Samoa ( a small island in the pacific) I shipped my truck and I disconnected the battery. I reconnected the battery after the car was delivered and the...
  5. Electrical Problem- Help please

    I tried posting this in the 2012 section, but I didn't get much help... I have a 2012 1500 with the 4.7 in it. It has 38,xxx miles on it. I bought it with 24,XXX and it has been silky smooth and never given me a problem... until now. Two Fridays ago, when I got in my truck to leave work every...
  6. 89 w150 318: electrical help?

    My truck ran fine until the other morning it just shut off idling. Checked all the fuses all are good. Can't find any burnt or corroded wires or plugs. When you turn the key on nothing, fuel pump don't run and some stuff don't work like wipers radio. I put a new ignition starter switch on since...
  7. 1999 Ram overhead console woes

    I have been re gluing the map light switches on my overhead console for a few years now and it worked for a while each time. I got tired of redoing it and just purchased new wiring with switches from an ebay store. Supposedly OEM Mopar parts. Fits well and went into place, HOWEVER...the switches...
  8. B250 -89io wiper motor voltage?

    Hello, What's the correct voltage from the wiper connector on a b250 from 88? Actully, i thing this is the old connection. My motor looks like this: Before i try out a new motor (which i suspect) i just want to be ensure i got the right voltages. There's four pins/cables. Any clues?
  9. 2004 Dodge Ram Heat/Air fan not working

    I have a 2004 Ram and am having trouble with the Heat and AC fan not working. The AC/Heat does put out cold/hot air but the fan does not come on when truck is running. I believe the problem is in the ignition switch because I can make it work by slightly turning the key switch backwards just a...
  10. 02 Ram1500 4.7 - Idle issue, sensor issue, Ground issue?? HELP

    Greetings to you all! I am looking for insight and knowledge! I have a 02 Ram1500-manual. There has been many issues with running correctly. *ALL sensors have been replaced with OEM - *ALL coils and plugs are new *once rpms have been brought above 1500rpms - truck drives pretty good. ONLY...
  11. BrakeLights ON CONSTANTLY

    Hello Ram world, Ive seen some threads before on this brake light issue, and have followed thru with previous suggestions... however, I have been unable to resolve the issue. I have replaced brake pedal switch, removed my 4-pin trailer connector.. no dice... I am wondering if I am possibly have...
  12. Aftermarket fog light install

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    Today I decided I would install my bull bar with the westin off Road lights. Seemd easy enough but the instructions suck! I have everything installed all the wires run except the last yellow wire Which instructions say attach to parking lights? This makes no since to me and Needless to say I've...
  13. HID's

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    I installed new HID & low beam does not work only high (i tried swapping wires still notta) i have new digital ballast & have cancellation switches. thought it was bulb but got new ones .nope. tried swapping ballast & tried removing cancellation switches but still nope.... HEEELLLPPP !