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  1. 7 pin trailer connector on truck

    Hello all. I'm enjoying the posts and subsequent insights from all of you. I did not come without baggage. Ive owned my 13' for over a year, great truck. The rear sensors and 7 pin trailer connector did not work at the time of purchase...I later found out. The sensors I'm not concerned with...
  2. Replacing the headligt switch on B250 - 89

    Ok, my longer post did'nt get any answers, so i'll try i shorter version. My headlight switch is broken, and i want to replace it with a switch panel. The connector looks like this and i 'm not really sure what the cables do here. since the switch is broken, i can't measure my way to sucess...
  3. Removal of tailgate electrical connectors??

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Need your help. When going for the first time today to remove my locking tailgate [to put in place of it my 5th wheel tailgate], I discovered a wiring harness between the truck bed and tailgate. The standard owners manual is of no use, it only says "remove the tailgate electrical...
  4. fog lights install

    Custom Dodge Ram Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Has any one tried to use the factory harness to install fog lights. I have found extra wires under the hood and I'm wondering if I put a factory switch in the dash wear there is a spot for one. And my truck didn't come with that option but there is a spot for the switch. Is it possible or do I...
  5. A/C Blower problem

    My A/C blower is giving me fits. At first it would go on and off when I adjusted the steering wheel. Now I have to reach under the steering column cover and push the electrical connecter around and now that is starting not to work. How can I fix this?
  6. Ipm/pdc/fuse box

    Will a fuse box from an 05 Ram fit an 04 Ram, are the wiring harnesses the same?
  7. Need electrical plugs for window/power door switches

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    Hey y'all, I need the electrical connector blocks for both side power lock/window switches. I don't need the whole loom, long as there is enough wire to connect to. My ram is a 1999, but I think probably anything from '98 to '01 will work (Someone correct me if that's wrong please). PM me if...