1. Need help choosing!

    I am looking at 2 new exhaust for my hemi. The truck sounds ok, but I want people to know when I am coming, and I want it to sound great. My 2 options are either MBRP catback Black series or Flowmaster Outlaw agressive kit with super10 muffler. I dont want it crazy loud, like I get pulled over...
  2. Whats the difference?

    Hey guys I'm new here and I was wondering what is the diffrence between managa flow exhaust and going to my local muffler shop and haveing them put 2 1/2 duals from the cat back with 4" tips on my 03 5.7 hemi? Witch do you think I will get the biggest gain from all I have done to the truck so...
  3. So what sounds good on 4.7?

    after listening to tons of sound clips/ reading threads im still undecided. im wanting to get a muffler swap done very soon a single to duel. want something as loud but agressive sounding as possible. not a fan on gargle/ poping and cab noise isnt a issue for me ( just means i dont have to gas...