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    Hi Ram People, A friend of mine has a Gen2 Ram diesel which came installed with a genuine Jacobs Compression Brake (i.e. 'Jake Brake'). Dodge say that part is now discontinued, even if I wanted to get it from them for my Gen3 diesel. A Google search brought up the PacBrake, which appears to be...
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    Anyone here own a current model with the factory exhaust brake that used to own a PacBrake? I have (had, when I hand over the keys next week to it's new owner) the PacBrake PRXB exhaust brake and LOVE it. One of the best mods I did to my 2006 3500. I am wondering if anyone has driven the...
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    Confused new owner here. Thought my new 3500 DRW Big Horn had an exhaust brake. Instruction manual says there is a switch on the dash, but there isn't one on mine. When I picked up the truck two days ago the salesman said 'it's all automatic with the brake pedal'. According to the brochure it's...
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    I was told by a mechanic that constant use of the exhaust brake would cause premature maintenance when some filter clogged on a 2012 turbo 6.7. Is this true and what filter would he be referring to?
1-4 of 4 Results