exhaust cutouts

  1. Full exhaust with cut outs, why not

    Hello first timer here so bare with me. I have a 2009 ram hemi 5.7 i want to do a full exhaust with headers and cat delete. i also want to put in exhaust cut outs. as much as i love the sound of open exhaust this is my daily driver. plus exhaust cut outs are awesome lol. behind the cutout maybe...
  2. Replacing stock bumper with dual exhaust cutouts

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I am looking for any help on swapping out the rear bumper with one that has the dual cutouts and sensor holes. Does anyone know where you can get a replacement bumper? OEM? Any recommendations on a dual exhaust system? Thanks John
  3. Back to stock muffler with a cutout? Best of Both Worlds?

    Im currently running (along with my ripp kit) a magnaflow 14" muffler with bone stock manifolds, y pipe and cats. I have a set of JBA long tubes waiting at the border and I'm thinking my truck is going to be pretty obnoxious with headers and a 14" muffler. I was thinking about going back to...