1. Stock FOB reprogram

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    Afternoon Fellas! I recently had a mopar factory remote start installed in my truck from my local dealership. I recieved( actually had to ask to their dissapointment) my factory fob and start module from the dealership and asked them if it was flashable or reprogramable and they said no. I...
  2. PCM Re-flash situation

    So I bought a SC Flashpaq tuner for my '03 hemi, only to find out I cant install it because the "vehicle files are not stock". They said I would have to reflash the computer at the dealer-ok. So I go to the dealer and they said they could not flash a pre '06, and pointed me toward an older more...
  3. 99 Ram Fast Flashing Turn Signal

    When I turn on my left turn signal they flash fast. Right turn signal works fine as do emergency flashers. I've inspected and replaced the front and back left turn signal bulbs. I did notice that when I raise the hood, as soon as the underhood light comes on the front left turn signal glows...
  4. Is there a good tuner that allows 1 device to program several vehicles???

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    I was considering getting the DiabloSport i1000 but decided to hold since I found out from them that it only tunes 1 rig at a time. SO if I wanted to tune a 2nd vehicle it would require returning the 1st back to stock. Is there a quality tuner/programmer/flasher that will allow me to...
  5. Interior and parking lights constantly flash unless battery is disconnected

    Still no solution for this issue, ive tried unhooking the battery overnight so the "computer would reset" and nothing happened. the problem started when i went to start the truck and let the ignition off early, when i started the vehicle all the interior lights and parking lights started...