flowmaster 50 series hd

  1. Flowmaster HD 50

    Does anybody have experience with it? Says its specifically designed for Hemis and also mentions larger CID motors. So the 392 seems like a great candidate. Any info would be welcome. Luke
  2. Hello from Vancouver.....Ram Country.

    Newbie Checkin!
    Hey everyone. I'll introduce myself with saying I Own a 2015 Ram Express 1500 Reg Cab Black Edition. It sports the ever so popular 5.7l. I have only put one Mod on so far, a Flowmaster 50 series direct fit muffler and it sounds awesome. Other than that just a few minor things(more cosmetic)...
  3. Flowmaster 50 Series HD

    I spoke to a guy at Flowmaster today about a new exhaust for my 2010 Ram 1500 Sport. I first asked about a true dual set up (I have true dual 40 series on my old truck and I love the sound) and he said that a true dual set up on the 2010 will void the warranty on the engine because the computer...