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    2017 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi Express
  2. Single to dual exhaust

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    I'm new to this forum and was wondering what your thoughts are on converting my 2011 Ram 1500 5.7 from a single exhaust into a dual exhaust. I'm in no way mechanically inclined, so anything helps.I want to have a full custom exhaust, complete with H-pipe and Flowmaster Super 40 series muffler...
  3. Flowmaster Clearance Event!

    Flowmaster Exhaust
    Flowmaster Clearance Event is going on now! Looking to score a great deal on great performance? Flowmaster is now offering clearance specials on parts that you enjoy at a price that you will love. Take a second and check out our selection of items currently listed and see what we have available...
  4. What do you think? CNC Billet Aluminum Gear Selector Knobs for 13-17 Autos

    Flowmaster Exhaust
    Hi guys and gals. Our sister company B&M Racing recently designed these slick, black anodized CNC billet aluminum gear selector knobs for 2013-2017 Ram trucks. We wanted to post them here on the site to get some feedback from all of you. Let us know your thoughts and whether or not you'd like to...
  5. Flowmaster Outlaw exhaust video

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Added the Flowmaster Outlaw - loving it so far :smileup: Taking it in tomorrow to get the rest of the windows tinted. Thinking of adding the Afe CAI next and then some side steps before winter hits. Of course, wife drove it to work today so...I might not get it back.
  6. '16 2500 5.7 Exhaust

    Hey everyone, I've never messed with the exhaust on my Ram before so I've got some questions. I did try to look through the forum and managed to find some answers already, but I'm going to throw some other ones out there. I have a 2016 2500, crew cab, with the 5.7 motor. It is a single...
  7. Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-back Exhaust System for the 2014-2018 Ram 2500 - Part # 817709

    Flowmaster Exhaust
    Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-back exhaust system for the 2014-2018 Ram 2500 (Part #817709) Application: Fits 2014-2018 Ram 2500 with 6.4L Gas Engine and Coil Spring Rear Suspension. Fits Crew Cab Short Bed, Crew Cab Long Bed and Mega Cab...
  8. Flowmaster Rebates, Promotions, and Special Offers

    Flowmaster Exhaust
    Our business partners are offering amazing deals on Flowmaster products for your Ram every month. We'll keep this thread updated with all the info you'll need to find the parts you want at prices you can't pass up.
  9. Flowmaster HELP: 2015 1500 Big Horn

    Hello all, I just got done (or so I hoped) installing an American Thunder muffler on my 2015 1500 Big Horn. I couldn't find torque specs for the clamps anywhere. I found something for Magnaflow and it said 41ft/lbs so I went with 40. I plugged up one of the tail pipes and put my shop vac in...
  10. Flownaster Exhaust

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Does anyone know if exhaust kit #817705 will fit on an 04 Ram. It says it's only for 06-08 but I don't see why it wouldnt. Just asking around before I make the purchase and it doesn't work. Thanks
  11. Flowmaster Single Exhaust Swap HELP!

    So im wanting to upgrade my stock exhaust to a Flowmaster 40 Series. Pretty much just doing it for a nice sounding truck lol! I'd like to stick with a single in single out. I need to know what all i should buy for this. Im pretty new to this so I dont know too much on whats needed. I keep...
  12. Corsa exhaust

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    What's everybody think about the corsa exhaust on their 5.7? Considering taking off my flow master for a corsa sport...
  13. Sold! 16" borla xr1 sportsman muffler and y pipe

    Dodge Ram Parts and Accessories for Sale - Trade -
    16" stainless borla xr1 sportsman 3" in-out muffler with 3" in dual 2.5" out y pipe. Had this on my truck for about 6 months before I decided to change my exhaust set up. $100 shipped PayPal payment only Pm me email or number to send pics.
  14. 2015 Updates: Revel Performance Mufflers

    Revel Performance
    Over the last week we have had the opportunity to join many of the top dealers in the country, and manufacturers to learn about new and exciting products coming to market in the up coming year. As these roll out we will have exclusivity on a few (a couple of eco diesel products) and first to...
  15. Exhaust Choices/ Programmers

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Im looking at getting the flowmaster super 10 exhaust system for my 2012 1500 Ram sport and not sure what to do. The full system is around $600-700 and just the mufflers alone are around $80 a piece. Do I need to by the full system with pipes and everything included or should i just get the...
  16. Stock Exhuast Question

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey everyone, So yesterday, curiosity finally got the best of me and I crawled under my truck to locate the gear ratio tag. While underneath I noticed that my truck had a Flowmaster exhaust. This is interesting because I purchased the truck used from a prior corporate lease. I doubt very...
  17. Exhaust pipe size - Single pipe exhaust

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi, I know this is super easy to measure and I have, just not with a micrometer so its not extremely accurate. To me both inlet and outlet of the stock muffler appear to be 3'in/3'outlet. I plan on buying a micrometer tomorrow anyway but I am impatient and want to buy a Flowmaster 40 series...
  18. Fake Flowmaster?

    4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    Hey everybody, About a month ago I needed to replace my muffler which finally gave me a good reason to get a flowmaster. A few days after a friend of mine asked what series I got and I realized I had no clue. I crawled under the truck to check the muffler for a part # and there isn't one... at...
  19. Exhaust help needed badly!!!

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    Im so confused on why my truck exhaust isnt what i expected. I cut off factory Y .and ran two new pipes to make true duals. But 2 Borla xr1s on and it was popping.made them into turn downs and was too loud. Made my 14" magnaflow as turndowns and it was too quiet. So put FM 50HD that flowmaster...
  20. flowmaster 50hd or super 40 series dual/dual

    has anyone installed anyone of these on the hemi trucks? i have the 14'' magnaflow and i want more sound. The muffler shop said no on the 50 and get the 40. Flowmaster said to get the 50 HD because it was made for the hemi. muffler shop said it will be like what i have now, but they only sale...