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  1. Grinding Noise front end 2014 Ram 3500 4x4

    4TH Generation Dodge Ram – 2009 to 2018
    My truck has a loud, horrible grinding noise coming from the front end. Sounds like the tab dragging when the brakes are bad, but the brakes are good. It came on all at once and doesn't quit. I had been pulling an empty horse trailer about 100 miles, and this started when I pulled down our...
  2. Shocks For a 1500 Lone Star pkg

    I'm having problems with the proper shocks for my 2005 1500 Lone Star package Ram. I called the dealer today and the vin number gave part numbers for shocks that will not cross refrence to anything at the carparts stores in town. Has anyone else had this issue? If so where should I go to get...
  3. Cambered-out rt side on a 3500

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hello all, Anyone know what to do about a cambered-out steering tire and wheel on the right side of the truck? Looking at the suspension system, I do not see the typical upper A arm normally associated with the 1500s. My truck has 47,000 miles on original Nexen 17s and the wear is really bad on...
  4. 2014 2500 6.4 4x4 Alignment Issue?

    Hello, I have a 2014 2500 (bought it in Dec. 2014, so just over a year old and under 9400 miles on it). I got it serviced at 7500 miles back in November for its first service and when I got it back, the dealer didn't rotate the tires because their service just includes an oil change, but I could...
  5. 4th Gen 1500 front axle upgrade??? Front end upgrades??

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    Not sure if this has been covered, having trouble finding anything anywhere. My truck takes abuse a lot, competitive pulling, challenging off-roading, front axles are a weak point on these (as well as front difs) wondering what there is out there for bigger better front axles? I have already...
  6. 2006-2009 Mineral Gray Metalic fenders needed

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Body
    I'm new to this forum. If I'm posting in the wrong place, please let me know. I'm looking to change my fenders out from 2005 to 2006-2008 on my 2005 Dodge 2500 SLT. They are Mineral Gray Metalic. I've found some online that I can paint to order, but I'd rather order some off of a front end clip...
  7. Bumper removal questions

    Body & Interior
    Okay, so It seemed like taking the bumper off, as well as the trimmings, would entail some work, but what I wasn't expecting was the mutant bolts that must have been put on by the hulk. I've tried metric, I've tried US sockets. Nothing fits. I did find some bolts that were 15mm and 10 mm, (the...
  8. 03 Ram1500 front end question

    On my 03 2WD 1500, I went over 185K miles Monday, and had smoke coming from the left front wheel well when I got to work. I went to Sears auto after work and they said my left calpher was rubbing on the break disc due to the wear, yes they were getting thin. They also said my ball joints were...
  9. Front end clunk and pop please help

    Ok so I am pretty got at working on cars, did a custom turbo and engine rebuild on my Tiburon anysways i looked at what i thought it could be but im lost 05 ram 2500 so it has a leveling kit and 33s on 20s when I hit numbs it makes a light clunk I pulled the wheels checked the ball joints they...
  10. IMG_0165


    My one of a kind front bumper. I have an SLT and I got a bumper with the cut outs for the fog lights then got it painted. So my bumper is black and my grill is chrome
  11. 97 ram 2500HD clunking help!

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    every time i go in reverse (backing into my driveway per say) and i'm turning i hear a clunking sound in the rear end of the truck and can feel it through the floor of the truck, only happens when turning in reverse. also a slight ticking in the front end as well, i have greased all that i could...
  12. Front Axel U-Joints

    I want to start out to say that I know nothing about 4x4 suspensions on a Dodge. I am very mechanical I worked on a road racing team for three years and have played around with cars since I was 6 years old. Just never worked on anything 4 wheel drive. I have a 97 1500 RAM 4x4 that I inherited...
  13. Front end 4x4 problem

    5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    I need to take the driveshaft going to the front of the truck out so I can drive it without the 4 wheel drive capability. Any tips on how to do so and would I be able to drive the truck without the driveshaft going to the front or would that be a bad idea and cost me more problems? Also where...
  14. Front End Vibration when traveling Straight

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    My dad has an 05 Dodge Ram. I don't know much about trucks, he doesn't know much about the internet, so he asked me to look around for him. Basically, his truck is vibrating when he's going down the road straight. You can feel it in your feet and in the seat. If you turn the wheel just...