fuel tank

  1. Spare tire fuel tank

    Dodge Ram 4x4 - Offroad Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone out there has installed a 2nd fuel tank on their 2nd gens? I am putting on 35" tires so a spare would be useless and I want an extra tank but dont wanna lose room in my bed. I was thinking a jeep tank would fit in there. I know some cherokees and wranglers have their...
  2. Gas cap doesent seem to vent

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Gas has been leaking out of the top of the fuel pump. It only has a quarter tank. I bought a new gas cap thinking it was bad. Well it did hold a lot of pressure . But the new one doesent seem to be working either... Am I missing something..?
  3. fuel sending unit access

    Can anyone tell me an easy way to access the output of the fuel sending unit? My gauge went from reading a quater tank to going all empty after I gave her a full tank of fuel . This is an 01 ram 1500 with a 5.2. This truck also has a faulty PCM that I'm saving up for. Could it be related? She...