1. Let's See Your Ram Working!

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Helped a friend haul hay for his hobby farm. Crappy cell phone pic... 26 square bales. It just softened the ride out a little...:smiley_thumbs_up: So gang, let's see pics of your trucks doing what trucks were originally built for...hauling stuff!
  2. Hello from Kimberley, BC Canada

    Newbie Checkin!
    Very nice to make your acquaintance. Winter is starting here and the igloos are going like hotcakes. Just watching the first snow come down and those that have put off putting winter tires off for too long. Amusing.:LOL:
  3. Show yourself!

    Off Topic Discussion
    Post a picture of yourself! It is fun to put a face to the name! Don't be shy! I will go first! Most recent picture of me, with the 3 guys in my life: Dad, brother and nephew, being their crazy and fun selves!