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    I did a search and couldn't find anything about their new diesel Ram not having a filler cap. Maybe I suck at searches? I believe the reason they didn't put a filler cap on is because not enough room. When they added the DEF in 2013 it was easier to leave the cap off rather than redesign the...
  2. 2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    I was staying with my uncle this past week and my truck was parked on the street. At about 3:30 in the morning my cousin heard something out front, we went out front, and then he stated that there was this girl walking down the street. He said he didn't recognize the girl that was walking. Now...
  3. 2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    My dash has what appears to be a gas cap not closed. My cap is on as well as I can get it on. Stupid question: should I just buy a new gas cap or is there something else wrong.
  4. 2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2011 Ram 1500 Laramie 4X4 with a little over 9000 miles. About two weeks ago the gas cap light came on. The next day the engine light came on. The truck still runs fine, made an appointment with the dealer and the gas cap was replaced. It ran fine for the rest of the day, no gas cap or...
  5. 5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Gas has been leaking out of the top of the fuel pump. It only has a quarter tank. I bought a new gas cap thinking it was bad. Well it did hold a lot of pressure . But the new one doesent seem to be working either... Am I missing something..?
1-5 of 5 Results