1. 09 Ram 4X4 Hum and Vibration

    Drive Line
    Good Morning and thanks in advance for all responses. Forgive me for bringing up a topic that's been talked about a lot but seems to still baffle me. Between 30 and 40 mph I get a hum that sounds like a large knobby tire. It happens in drive and neutral. Turing or straight. All road types. As...
  2. HELP ME PLEASE! 2011 Ram Crew Cab

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    I saw someone else get replies when he asked for help & figured I would try as well since Chrysler doesn't know what they are doing! I have a 2011 Ram with 8000 miles on it. It's had the brake booster changed once, now waiting on second time, had the rubber around the shaft to brake pedal...