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  1. Another Show!

    Loading up the Ram with the JohnnyBox and the Gray Ghost. Heading to Gettysburg in the morning for the year's second and final antique car show.
  2. Another Long Haul

    Another great deal on a good, cheap car. She likes this one better. North Carolina was a short trip.
  3. Long Haul

    What a great deal on a cheap car for my youngest daughter, worth going to Georgia to get it. Love those southern cars . . . no rust. Rented a lightweight trailer; the JohnnyBox is for protecting the antiques, and it's real heavy.
  4. Never Too Early

    ". . . 'mon back, Atticus . . . easy now . . . a little more . . . ho! Right there. Good job, Atticus.
  5. Debris Removal

    Hauling away junk and debris from remodeling the kitchen . . . my son's kitchen. No, I just do menial labor and hauling.
  6. Agriculture Assistance

    My son again, he's got a new hobby . . . gardening. His soil needs a lot of help. This Ram ain't squattin' no more.
  7. Furniture Mover

    Serving the needs of my daughter during a recent move.
  8. Remodeling Materials

    My son keeps this Ram fairly busy with his home projects. He was wise to keep his truck in the family.
  9. More Remodeling

    Almost always available to help my kids.
  10. LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hey y’all I’m trying to get some info. I’ve been overseas for a few months and I’m getting back here in a month or so. My truck is just about to hit 100k. It is a 2012 ram 1500 5.7l I’ve owned it for almost 4 years and it had 43k when I bought it. Looking for ideas what things I should get in...
  11. Haulin' High 'n' Tight

    Scrap lumber from an old treehouse stacked high and tight. It was a big treehouse. My Ram waits for the landfill to open in the morning.
  12. Dodge Ram Videos
    ...Or is the Rebel just a pretty truck?
  13. Towing
    Alright so here is my problem... I have looked around the site, on dodges official page, everywhere. My dad and I bought this truck because it can tow a house if we want... But now were are finding out that we might be limited to only towing a trailer that weighs 12k?? We have the 6.4 hemi 3500...
  14. Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Body
    I have a 2006 Dodge 3500 dually with factory tow mirrors. I just bought a new aluminum trailer that is 102 inches ( 8 and a half feet ) wide and 28 feet long. My problem is I CAN'T see around it!! I have the mirrors out as far as possible and still can't see anything past the front 2 feet of...
  15. Towing
    Alright this will be a brief review as I hope to keep expanding on it as I travel more with this truck and trailer. MY TRUCK 2012 Ram 1500 Trailer tow package, 3.92 and outdoorsman package, with this i get load e range tires stock, class 4 hitch and trailer brake controller. Tires when towing...
  16. Towing
    So I've finally made a few trips this year with my new Ram and TT. I have a 2012 Outdoorsman 4x4 QC with the 3.92 axle and 17" Rims. My TT is a 2013 Sprinter 266RBS with a dry weight just shy of 6600lbs and 29'4" Bumper to Hitch. Camping weight should be close to 7500lbs. Also this is a full...
  17. Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lowering
    So here is another install of airlift 1000. Installed them this morning in the snow. Picked them up Friday and couldn't wait any longer. So here is the start vehicle. 2012 Ram QC Outdoorsman 4x4. Everything is bone stock only 1,894 miles. So I have loaded up with wood before and well it...
  18. 2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hello everyone I have a question. I got 2012 Ram Sport with 5.7 Hemi. I want to haul a boat across the country (1100 miles). Boat itself weights 4500lbs, trailer is probably another 500-800lbs. I know our trucks are rated for much more then that but I'm still kind of paranoid with my truck...
  19. Suspension
    I have seen alot of questions concerning the addition of rear air bags to take some of the sag out of the truck when loaded and/or pulling a trailer. I have a 33' camp trailer with a loaded weight of 7020#. With the equalizer hitch I adjusted to get the maximum height at the rear of the truck. I...
  20. Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    35's-will they fit on my truck? CAI-whats giving yall the best results? headlights-whats nice looking and reliable tires-whats a good but inexpencive tire(prefferably mud or aggressive grip) any and all suggestions are much apreciated -SAGE-
1-20 of 20 Results