1. Alarm/Immobilizer issue: SOLVED

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    Yesterday I had just received my new back-up camera and was eager to go install it. Got out to the truck, ran all of the wiring and all was well. Until I disconnected the negative terminal on the battery (as a precaution) prior to splicing in the the reverse wire/taillight wires. Wires were...
  2. Evic buttons and horn not working

    It's a 2016 ram 1500 tradesman and it's stuck on the evic menu screen. The horn and the left side buttons don't work but all the right side buttons work. Also none of the button lights work on left or right side. I've checked every single fuse and none are blown. I was kinda thinking it was...
  3. Buying vs Leasing

    Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    I was at a dealer tonight looking at a 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn and the finance manager said that the incentives on leases are usually higher and that the monthly lease payment plus the buyout at the end will end up being less than financing due to the higher incentives. Has anyone heard this...
  4. 96 ram 1500 horn not working

    Hi i just got a 96 ram 1500 and the horn wasn't working at all I replaced the horn and connections but only hear the relay switch when pressing the horn. Why would this be happening or would it just need a new relay switch? I checked the fuses and they are all fine as well. Sorry if this seems...
  5. Horn stuck on, battery drain

    Hi, So A few weeks ago the horn on my 04 Ram just started blowing all by itself, so I pulled the fuse to make it stop. Around the same time, my truck battery started dying over night, but I knew the battery was in need of replacement. So I replaced it only to find the same problem with a...
  6. horn issue 2010 dodge 1500

    hey I have a 2010 dodge 1500. recently my horn stopped working from the steering wheel. i figured it was a short in the electrical. But randomly the horn just started going off, and wouldnt stop... i pulled the fuses but i could still hear a clicking coming from the fuse box. and it keeping...
  7. Does your 2nd gen have strange electrical problems? Truck stalls with electrical switches? Look here

    When I bought my Ram, the left hand blinker and my horn would cause my wipers to come on, this has been going on for 2 years and I had not been able to figure out why, even though I tried replacing the stalk. Fast forward to a few days ago, my truck started stalling immediately when I would use...
  8. Mounting longhorns

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hi all, I'm thinking of projects for the springtime and the current project on mind is mounting some longhorns on the front of my ram. I'd like them right where the hood meets the grill. Any suggestions on how I should go about mounting some horns?? Ideally I don't want any holes drilled into...
  9. My 1985 Dodge Ram Custom 100...

    So I recently acquired a 1985 Dodge Ram Custom 100. But I'm having a couple of small issues, the largest of which is that my horn doesn't work. I tried looking under the hood to see if maybe the horn itself was missing or simply out of commission. But nothing jumped out at me. I'm not even...
  10. 2014 Ram Horn location

    Can anyone tell me where the horn is located on my 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie? I bought a replacement but couldn't find the factory horn. Instead of taking everything apart, I figured I'd ask first. Thanks!!!
  11. on-off-on horn switch?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    so i put in air horns on a push button switch awhile ago and it works fine, problem is, the push button switch in the center of my overhead console and all my friends like to have a fun time hitting it constantly while we are driving. my other friend also installed one but on a toggle switch...
  12. Horn Issues - Delay

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    My 2013 Laramie's horn's responsiveness is not acceptable. It is only responsive in certain areas of the horn pad and when it is responsive, it has a noticable delay. Anyone else having this experience?
  13. Horn not working, wire not connected?

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Hey RamNation! I recently purchased a 96 Dodge Ram 4x2 SLT. Testing things, I found out that the horn does not work. Now, I have never used a horn in the past so I am not to concerned about it, but would like to fix it anyways. I found the horn under the front driver side fender, traced the...
  14. Problem with horn(s)

    A few weeks ago i realized that when i hit the lock button on my key fob the beep or honk from the truck was becoming weaker and weaker and i believe that it is safe to say a prius's sounds louder and more masculine than mine does now. So i checked my actual horn to see if there was a problem...
  15. Horn blows during cold wx

    My horn sounded for about 30 seconds at 3:30 am while I was in bed on Saturday morning - temp was about 18 degrees. This morning (Sunday) the horn went off again for about 30 seconds at 9 am. (24 degrees) The horn quit by itself both times. I went out and tapped the horn button (after reading...
  16. The key fob horn honk (AKA: Lazy Question)

    Before I do the right thing and go fumble through the manual.... does anyone know how to turn the horn off for using the key fob (honks when the doors are locked, before remote start, etc.)? And thanks for taking a look at my lazy question of the day:str: Cheers,