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  1. 1B11CCB8-E5D1-490C-8DE9-0353B0B11694.jpeg

    These look a little toasted, you can tell this truck sat around unused for awhile and got moist lol
  2. Cummins Diesel Specific Topics
    yep ya heard right it started on fire...... was headed home from up north 2 weeks ago, weather was cold about -15*F...dropped off a friend went to go up the on-ramp, could tell the truck didnt have quite the power that it should....thought,hell, this thing is gellin' up....could still do 70 mph...
  3. Heating & Cooling
    I think i had the start of this problem last its 9 feels like 100 in Houston and once i take off down the road it gets warm even at a steady 60 mph. I was thinking it was the orifice tube. So I bought a liquid line with fixed orifice and replaced and 2 lbs of synthetic extra cold...
1-3 of 4 Results