interior lights

  1. Interior lights

    I’ve read several threads on this topic however, none quite fit my issue, or I haven’t found it yet, anyway. The lights do not come on when the doors are open or when you rotate the switch in either direction. I tought maybe a door sensor, but when the truck is on, the door open indicator shows...
  2. interior lights

    Trying to add more lights in the interior already put led in dome still not enough also Amy ideas on how to wire lights in canopy.
  3. 2003 1500 interior lights remain on

    This just started happening yesterday. Unlock/open door and interior lights come on and remain on until 15 minutes after ignition is turned off. I have checked the roller switch and turned it full cycle several times just to see if its dirty or whatever. Problem remains. I removed fuse 18 which...
  4. Need Help, Lights and locks

    So My truck is acting a little crazy. When I do the initial start up my trucks interior lights and the door locks and the the warning bell will start to go off when i put the truck in drive. All off this will go off about 15 times, and during this "cycle" if i let off the gas then it stops the...
  5. LED Vent Lights

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    Hey just lit up all the vents in the truck with blue LED's. What do you guys think?