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  1. Electrical
    There are five large multipin connectors on the bottom of the IPM (ECM). White, blue, green, grey and black. What do each of these connect to? Cant find info about these in Chiltons or Haynes books. There are also some smaller connectors too. Frustrating that the wire colors in the diagrams...
  2. Electrical
    Will an IPM /Fuse box from an 05 Dodge Ram work in an 04 Dodge Ram? any concerns? My park lights don't work --------- relays are good, fuses, bulbs etc.
  3. Electrical
    I'm Looking to find an IPM from a wrecker.............could I use one from a 4.7L and put it in a 5.7L? are they wired the same and add different relays/fuses for different options?
  4. Electrical
    My plate lights and park lights suddenly stopped working. I checked bulbs and fuses. I swapped the relay with the A/C relay and still nothing.With my test light I am showing power at the relay but not at the fuse. When I jumper the relay ,the park lights work. Is this a ground issue? Can I...
1-4 of 4 Results