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  1. LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have a 2019 tradesman ecodiesel with the metal key, would I be able to upgrade to the plastic one? I see that the key slot and the end of the plastic part of the metal key looks the same as the end of the plastic key. If I can do I have to have it programmed or can I do it myself?
  2. 2017 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi! My BF is having an issue with his key fobs. Both of them happen to I guess mess up at the same time. They are making the truck lock, unlock and start with no one touching the keys. They are about 40 feet away and the truck is locking about once every couple minutes. It will stop eventually...
    2011 Ram 1500 Big Horn. My key fob lock and unlock dont work, but starts the truck fine. Far as I can tell, the two components in this system are the Key FOB and the WIN (Wireless Ignition Node). I put a new battery in the FOB, cleaned the contacts and taped the loose clicker things, no...
  4. Gen 4 Dodge Ram
    Just got my 2011 1500. Came with one key fob, that doesnt work. After a couple days research on here, reddit and youtube, seems like they are common failure point. I have replaced the battery, cleaned the contacts, glued the floating pads back in place, etc with no joy. I have not found any...
  5. 2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    Brand new RAM owner here! Just got a used 15' 1500 big horn 2wd they gave me the physical key that starts the truck but unbenounced to me there's a key fob that should've accompanied the key. So 1st night as usual got out and locked the locks (who would've thought) in the morning heading out...
  6. Electrical
    Hey guys I got a 2012 powerwagon and this winter the range on my key fob has droped. I gotta be within 15ft of the truck to the side. If im standing in front or behind it. It wont work at all. Ive changed batteries ive changed fobs, it wasnt like this before so im not sure where to even look.
  7. Electrical
    I was wondering if a key fob made for an 03 to an 05 with the split key and fob could be programmed to work on an 06 instead of the gigantic key fob combo. Thanks!
  8. Dodge Power Wagon
    2015 power wagon.So I've been having key fob issues for a while. The things work when they want to it appears. I sometimes have to open the door with the key and then it will lock with the fob. And then sometimes it works fine or I have to hold it way high to get it to work more than 3 ft away...
  9. 5.7L (345 cu in) HEMI V8 Specific Topics
    Hello, I have a 2010 Ram with the standard key fob. My problem is recently the fob has been unlocking the truck with just a slight touch to the unlock button, not a press. This presents a problem as a cannot put my keys in my pocket or set them down without being worried that anything touching...
  10. 2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    The only package I didn't get with my truck when I bought it was the one that included the Keyless Enter 'n Go. Having passive entry wasn't a neccessity to me, but it sure would be nice to have! Have any of you, or do any of you know if this is something that could be done? It seems like it...
  11. 2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I just bought a used 2010 Black Ram 1500 big horn edition. Along with the transmitter/key they gave me for it, the Dealer also gave me an extra transmitter key...on that key there is the button for the remote start. I dont know if it will work or not but I figure why would he give me an...
  12. Electrical
    Guys i'm new to the group and already a believer. My problem is similar but not exact to several on here. So for a couple of weeks i put the key in the ignition and it seems "locked" although the steering wheel is not locked. If i jiggle it and work it then it will turn over and everything is...
  13. Electrical
    Neither of my remote keys for my 06 Ram are consistently locking or unlocking my doors, It appears to be totally random whether it will work or not. I have no idea what the problem is. I have replaced the battery in the keys and it hasn't fixed the issue, any suggestions?
  14. Electrical
    Before I do the right thing and go fumble through the manual.... does anyone know how to turn the horn off for using the key fob (honks when the doors are locked, before remote start, etc.)? And thanks for taking a look at my lazy question of the day:str: Cheers,
1-14 of 16 Results