lamp out

  1. 04 1500 Lamp Out AGAIN

    Front left turn signal bulb out - new aftermarket lamp assembly about 3 mos ago, awesome fit, look, "direct OEM replacement" fine until couple days ago. The inner reflector post melted, touched bulb and bulb blew. No Prob, got a set of Sylvania LED 3157A, no heat to worry about - changed pass...
  2. Ding, Ding Drive Me Batty,Batty,Batty

    Have an 02' Ram 1500 4x4 Sport. Lamp out keeps displaying when I mash the brake. Overhead display reads "left rear turn lamp out". Problem being is that the left(driver) side works. It's the top bulb on the right(passenger) side is the one out. It is the upper bulb, that is also the blinker...
  3. "Lamp Out" only when headlights ON and right blinker ON

    Hey guys so I have a weird problem and was wondering if I could get some assistance with it. All lights are active and running fine. There doesn't seem to be any dimming with any of the lights "Lamp out" type: flashing with constant dinging Problem: "lamp out" comes on when Parking...
  4. Lamp Out Light and dinger bell gone wild!

    For an unknown reason, on my '03 RAM 1500 Quad Cab 4WD my "Lamp Out" warning light and the accompanying ding bell go on and off erratically and completely randomly even though not a single light is out! I have removed tested and cleaned all the tail lights bulbs and holders, etc. so I am...