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  1. Dodge Ram R/T
    Every freakin' time I take off from a dead stop or a 5-15 roll in my wonderful truck, I spin the tires! Even if I don't stall it. Is there any way I can launch my truck without shredding my tires? :D I'm still running my stock tires, I have 4,300 miles on my truck. They're inflated to 40 psi. It...
  2. Kills and More Kills
    This may not seem impressive to some of you folks who think a Silverado SS is outdated, but I raced and beat a Silverado SS twice tonight. I have raced him a few months ago before I started modding my truck and he beat me pretty bad. He runs a 9.56 1/8 mile where I live, and he can beat stock...
1-2 of 2 Results