1. Is this a good deal for a 24-month lease?

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    Here's the deal: 2018 RAM 1500 Laramie. Max Steel Two-Tone Silver, Bucket Seats, Protection Group, Convenience Group, 8-Speed Auto with HEMI, Sunroof, Wheel to Wheel Side Steps, Rear Window Defroster, 32-Gallon Fuel Tank, OWL All-Season Tires, Uconnect with NAV, Park Sense Assist, Remote...
  2. Potential Purchase of a Used Longhorn

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    Hello everyone! I am looking into purchasing a 2014 Laramie Longhorn. It is a vehicle coming out of an Employee Lease at a whopping 55-60k miles but at a great value. It has an impeccable service history and no warranty issues. I would be looking into getting an extended warranty (this longhorn...
  3. 2015 Big Horn Lease Payment

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    In NY Ram 1500 Big horn MSRP 44900 36 months 10k miles a year 2,500 total up front Prices around 500-580 a month Unknown incentives Seems very high, anybody have any numbers or input? Thanks!!!!
  4. Would you lease?

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    Would anyone ever lease a truck?