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  1. Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    My truck and I just wanted to say hey :)
  2. Electrical
    So I'm not sure if this has come up and I'm just to much of a newb to find it but I've had recon tail lights on my 2010 dodge ram 1500 for the last 2 years and now that its 3000 km over warranty I'm getting a bunch of fault codes from them and my display by my dash cluster has gone black twice...
  3. Electrical
    I've got a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. I've installed HID headlights, Sound system, viper alarm system, and just installed some taillights. The taillights are...
  4. Electrical
    I recently have installed an after market stereo and two 10 in Memphis subs running on a 1600 watt amp. It doesn't have a capacitor. Just for information. But my real question is this: every time the bass hits. Or I have a decently loud constant bass going,the passenger side overhead dome light...
  5. LD RAM - General Discussion
    While driving to work this morning I gunned it after turning a corner, ESP disabled, when the truck got up to around 75-80 km/h the check engine light started flashing and dinging. As soon as I heard it I took my foot off the throttle and the light stopped flashing and the ding went away... Both...
  6. Electrical
    I've been looking every where for just a map light switch to replace a broken one in my truck but no luck. I've tried to fix it but no luck. I've thought about buying the whole wiring system like this...
  7. Electrical
    there is a second plug on the wiring harness that goes to the hood light on my 1999 ram. its about a 8-10 inches away i think. does anybody know what this plug was for? if it was an extra light option, id love to get it so i would always have more light under the hood. any info would be helpful.
  8. 2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions that I couldn't find answers to with the 'search' function, firstly, I need to know what model year my truck is and want to know if there is an easy way of telling via the vin no. maybe? I want to start doing some mods now (bigger tyres, lift or level...
  9. 5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    I've got a code kicking PO406 which indicates a EGR problem... Rather than guess... I figured I'd ask first and save myself some time. 2005 Ram W/5.7L Hemi with about 40K on it. Any suggestions?
  10. Exhaust
    looking at redoing my exhaust, rusted totally out, it just has the stock 2"- cat- 2.5" single set up, I just swapped stock muffler for 2.5"-2.5" glass pack, sound improved greatly, and reduced about 95% of my exhaust leak, still have one infront of the cat, but thats an easy fix, my question is...
  11. Electrical
    :doh:I just bought our second dodge which is a Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Laramie SLT 360ci (5.9L) Magnum V8 230hp, and I need to fix a few items right now. First problem: The turn signals are not working...BUT...what doesn't make since to me is that the emergency flashers ARE working.Therefore it can't...
  12. Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    I recently purchases a Covermaster Topper for a 2004 1500. I tried wiring the 3rd brake light and have it all hooked up correctly to the CHMSL wire and ground. I tested a different light and it worked fine, but the brake light won't turn on. I connected a multimeter to the brake light and no...
  13. Electrical
    How common is it for the 4x4 light to burn out? I know for sure that my 4WD works but the light on my dash doesn't come on. Could it be burnt out or should I look elsewhere before pulling the dash apart? BTW...all the other lights on my dash work. Thanks in advace! Dan
  14. Electrical
    Hi, the gauge cluster backlight in my 2001 dodge ram is not illuminated. But the radio lights are working and the milleage is showing. this problem is starting to get annoying and hazardous, at night you cant see how fast your going at all and with the big 5.9 you can be cruisin! anyone have a...
  15. Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    [/IMG]i used 1/2 conduit holders r wtvr u call them, painted it all black to match, then bolted them to the seat mounts here are my results
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