1. 2010 1500 ST Key Fob issue

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey everyone, happy to have my new-to-me 4x4. When I purchased the truck last week it came with a regular key without the key fob. This key works fine, but it would be nice to be able to unlock my doors with the keyless entry. I bought a couple aftermarket keys on Amazon, but the locksmith said...
  2. Manual tailgate lock ?

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    I want to add the manual lock to my tailgate handle and have been researching part #'s and prices. I haven't been able to find all the parts in one package, you have to order each part individually. Does anyone know of a package with all the parts that I might be missing on the web? Cheapest...
  3. Replacing tailgate lock cylinder?

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    The lock cylinder in the tailgate of my 2011 Sport is seized up. I'd like to replace it. I called the dealer and priced out the part and they told me that the part was changed and I'd also need to replace a lever as well as the cylinder. They also said that they could rekey the cylinder to...
  4. Power lock actuator

    Looking for some help on how to replace the driver side rear door power lock actuator on my 2015 RAM 1500. All the guidance I have seen so far applies to older model trucks and the inside/configuration of the newer model has changed. I would appreciate any help on this! Thank you!
  5. Rockland Standard BW 44-44 Part Time Conversion

    Dodge Ram 4x4 - Offroad Discussion
    Alrighty laddies, I know there has been much discussion on the Borg-Warner (isn't it Aisin-Warner now?) 44-44 full time transfer case on the higher end Rams, and dissatisfaction with the clutched engagement mechanism it uses compared to the locked mechanism used in the part time 44-45. For a...
  6. Pinion Nut Recall

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Hi all, My 2005 ram 1500 just went in for the pinion nut recall. It ran beautifully prior to its visit. I'm aware I need a brake job soon, but not immediately. When I got the truck back the notes on my invoice were that I needed brake work, including new ebrake shoes. I drove the truck...
  7. Door Actuator Malfunction

    Body & Interior
    I recently replaced my drivers side door actuator. Everything was fine for about 2 months but a few days ago the actuator does not recognize when the door is closed. I close the door and the "door" signal on the dash stays on and my interior lights stay on. If pull the door from the inside...
  8. 4wd Lock question!

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    So I live in Minnesota. We get snow and what not obviously! I've had my (first) truck, 2008 Dodge Ram, since early last spring and have made it through the winter pretty unscathed.. haven't had a ton of snow here.. but I do have a few questions mainly relating to 4wd lock. I do have weight in...
  9. Lug Locks

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    My 1500 has a lug lock system and when I purchased the vehicle it did not have a key with it. How can the lugs be removed without the key? I had a tire shop do it once but didn't tell me how to do it.
  10. 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Doors won't open

    Body & Interior
    I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 short cab sitting in the driveway for about 2 years. My son wants to get it moving again. However, the door handle on the drivers side door is partially broken and door will only open about 1/2". the passenger side door is locked and for some reason the key will not...
  11. My tailgate handle key lock is stuck.

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    I've been having trouble with my tailgate handle. The key lock seems to be stuck and won't turn with the key inserted. I've removed the access panel and manually unlocked the lever that was keeping my tailgate locked and unable to open with the handle so I can now open the tailgate normally...
  12. Rear Sliding Window Latch Alternative?

    Body & Interior
    Hey RamNation, my 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 sliding window latch broke off on me today. I never liked the thing because it felt so flimsy and was hard to lock. I found a replacement on ebay...
  13. Sound when opening door

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Hey there evryone again. This time I have a question regarding the sound that is made when the driver s door opens, or when key is on ignition. The thing is that i have another truck that makes the sound only when a door is opened and key in ignition, or when key is out of ignition and lights...
  14. Power Door Lock Noise

    Hello, after a recent cold spell (-25F) here in NH, the power door lock on the driver's side door of my 2003 2500 QC made a rather loud noise (loud bang) when I would unlock the truck with the remote or the interior lock switch. There is no abnormal noise when locking. That loud bang has now...
  15. in 4x4 mode, wheels lock up n engine almost stalls. HELP

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    Hello everyone, I have a 2005 dodge ram 1500, just bought 2 months ago from my dodge dealer, when I am in 4x4 mode and turn the wheels all the way the truck brakes ans wheels lock up, and the truck almost stalls, like the rpm lowers. Any idea what this is? Also, isnt there supposed to be a...
  16. *help*lock up brakes/steering/ oil pressure fails???????

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport - 13 000 km's Ok so im driving in a parking lot, after a snow storm. In rear wheel drive, so the tires spun a little bit, and as they did the Oil Pressure light comes up and is showing my no oil pressure. My steering and brakes lock up. But the truck is still running...
  17. Update on power lock/window/alarm job

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Ok for those who are interested, here's a run down on the progress so far. I've installed the electric window armatures. They're a little clunky at one point in the movement, nothing serious but I can't see exactly why. Maybe it's cause they're from a 95, but I can live with it - might get hold...