map light

  1. Map light problems.

    So I attempted to install LED's in the interior tonight and had no success. They came on for a split second then went out. Reversed polarity but this made no difference. Pulled them out and reinstalled the original bulbs and now they don't work unless I pull the console down and apply just the...
  2. Map light switch 05

    I've been looking every where for just a map light switch to replace a broken one in my truck but no luck. I've tried to fix it but no luck. I've thought about buying the whole wiring system like this...
  3. Adding an Overhead Console to an ST

    Good Morning All, I purchased an 2500 4X4 ST about a year ago, and have been adding parts to it to get it the way I really want it....LOL. A big thanks go out to all of you who have posted your step by step mods (especially those with pics!) since I rely on those prior to any undertaking...
  4. Map Lights not working HELP!

    Hey guys, just bought some LED's for the twin Map lights on my 2011 Sport. They never turned on and there was a nasty smell coming from the LED diode. Figured that I burned it out so I put the original bulb in and it does not work. Did the same to the other light and same happened. What I...