1. Any luck quieting the MBRP single side Exhaust?

    2017 Dodge Ram Forum
    Just purchased a new '17 2500 6.4 crew LB tradesmen. Me and a buddy put in a KN CAI and replaced the stock exhaust with an MBRP Dual side split 4" I've seen a couple posts around here on how to eliminate the drone (its pretty rough at 1400-1700. I know the mbrp its kinda new on the 6.4. I saw...
  2. MBRP vs Gibson

    Just as the title states MBRP or Gibson for an 04 5.7 1500? I am torn between the two MBRP single exhaust t-409 or the Gibson Dual Extreme. I currently have a Borla for a GM, yes I know, what the **** lol! A guy I worked with switched his out so we welded it on my truck, sounds pretty good so I...
  3. 2002 Dodge Ram 4.7 With an MBRP Exhaust?

    Hello all :wavey: I just bought myself a 2002 Ram 1500 with a 4.7, and the stock exhaust is just too quite :smiledown: I've been on the search for something just to give it some sound. I really don't like the traditional straight out the back, and I've already done dual side exits on my previous...
  4. MBRP XP Series Catback Exhaust

    Here are a few videos of my T409 Stainless exhaust. I almost went with the higher grade stainless, however this was cheaper and still offers the lifetime warranty, so if and when it rusts, I'll just have them replace it. Install was a pain in the you know what. Stock brackets were very...
  5. 2015 Updates: Revel Performance Mufflers

    Revel Performance
    Over the last week we have had the opportunity to join many of the top dealers in the country, and manufacturers to learn about new and exciting products coming to market in the up coming year. As these roll out we will have exclusivity on a few (a couple of eco diesel products) and first to...
  6. Installed MBRP exhaust, here is a comparison video

    I figured this may be of some use for those thinking about a new exhaust. After much research, I put an MBRP S5146409 exhaust on my truck. I made a comparison video showing the before and after sounds with driving around and with no exhaust. Hopefully this helps out anyone looking for a new...