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  1. 2017 Dodge Ram Forum
    Anyone ever had one of the trim pieces come off their grill? And if so, ever been successful replacing it or finding the part number without having to purchase a whole new grill? The top left lower quadrant of the grill; you'll see one of them missing. 2017 Ram 1500 Lone Star
  2. 5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    01 dodge 2500 5.9 gas,randomly starts misfireing at any rpm and any throttle position,eventually it dies,try to restart it but it will try to fire but sounds like it is out of time,after sitting for a couple of minutes it starts right up sometimes without missing a beat other times it goes right...
  3. 5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Just an FYI folks. I started have problems with #7 coil pack a few months ago but I thought it was something else making my truck throw a code on and off. This was due to me changing transmission oil, transfer case oil (not the same!) and the diffs. The new fluid was making it act up for a...
  4. Performance Mods - Engine - 5.9 Liter V8
    I have updated all the ignition with accell wires, autolite plugs and a NAPA copper cap and rotor and still have an annoying problem. Whent he truck is up to temp 190F it will miss when I accelerate. On the freeway at 50mph it seems to get worse. Once I hit cruising speed of 70mph I let up on...
1-4 of 4 Results