1. Door locks

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    How to upgrade to keyless entry? I have a 2011 1500 ST, quad cab, with power door locks, but no key fob entry. I purchased key fobs but the truck does not respond to them. I'm assuming this is a basic electonics system and there is no module or computer to accept the programming. At this point...
  2. Stock FOB reprogram

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    Afternoon Fellas! I recently had a mopar factory remote start installed in my truck from my local dealership. I recieved( actually had to ask to their dissapointment) my factory fob and start module from the dealership and asked them if it was flashable or reprogramable and they said no. I...
  3. Tire pressure module part number please help

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi guys so I'm adding an EVIC cluster to my '12 1500 ST and would like to be able to view the individual tire pressures, however i'm having difficulties finding one, all of them online say "low pressure warning module" well I already have a low pressure dummy light on the cluster but i want...
  4. Electrical Problems following trans re install

    I have a 1996 dodge Ram 1500, auto trans, 4x4, 5.9L V8 gas. just did a transmission rebuild after running it through some water. got the tranny put in this morning, but when i went to start, no spark. starter turned and everything looked good, but no spark. got it to turn over poorly, for a...