1. 3.92 gears and fuel un-economy!!

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2014 4x4 Laramie with 3.92 gears, crew cab, air suspension, sun roof, 20' rims, 32 gallon tank... etc. I am getting only 13.9 to 14.5 mpg! My truck has about 2500 miles and the MPG since new is 14.5. Every time I fill up I reset my trip 2 counter and get about 400 miles out of a 28...
  2. 2k+ Miles on ONE tank (35 gal)

    Dodge Ram MPG Zone
    '07 Dodge Ram 2500 quad cab ( Cummins) Start date: May 3, 2013 End date: Jun 27, 2013 Distance: 2,009.6 miles Fuel used: 35.000 gallons Total time (key-on): 79 hours, 29 minutes Total time (engine-on): 18 hours, 32 minutes Average ambient temperature: 70.2 deg F Average in-cab mileage display...
  3. 7k+ Mile ROAD Trip.

    V10 Specific Topics
    So, if all goes well the plan is me and the girls are taking a road trip in the truck. Washington state to Massachusetts to Florida over to Texas, then back up to Washington. Truck is completely stock. 93k miles. Will be getting new tires by time of road trip. Just looking for any other MPG...
  4. Exhaust And CAI=Better MPG?

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hopefully picking up my 2012 2500 today. Its got 70,000 on it and you cant hardly fill it when its running. Its good to know after the fact,that I got a pretty well made truck.:doh: Have had my share of problems with not so well made trucks.This is something Ive been waiting for about 10 years...
  5. 1994 Ram 1500 Performance

    5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    I recently got my first truck, a 1992 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5.2, and was wondering what mods I can do to it to get better gas mileage. I wanted to put a performance chip in it, but noticed the thing has no OBD connector. Is there still a way I can put one on?
  6. 2011 h&s mini max, egr, dpf, ccv delete mpg HELP!

    Performance Mods - Engine - Dodge Cummins Diesel
    I bought a 2011 cummins 4x4 and it already had h&s mini max and dpf delete 4" straight pipe. It only got about 15 mpg. I installed s&b cold air intake, sinister egr delete and 5" straight pipe w/ flow through muffler. My mpg went DOWN 1mpg!?!:4-dontknow: What could be the issue? I'm stumped! I...
  7. New 6.4 L Hemi MPG Prediction

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Anybody have any predictions for the new 2014 2500 6.4 L Hemi MPG...specifically in a Power Wagon model? I've read current owners are getting 15 MPG on the highway. Considering the 6.4 L is larger than the 5.7 L, it may require more fuel...but it will also utilize the MDS, which may make it...
  8. MPG for 2500/3500 Diesels

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have only used half my 2nd take of diesel so far, but wanted to hear what kind of mileage people were seeing out of their 2013 Diesels. My first weekend owning my new 2013 Dodge 2500 CC Diesel, I towed my 6500 lb trailer over Mt. Hood to Central Oregon and averaged around 13.8mpg for the...
  9. Availability of 8speed hemi 2wd

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Wondering if anyone has any information on when the 8 speed will be available for the 2wd hemi. I found this article about mpg for the 2wd hemi and thought maybe it was coming available. http://m.***************/features/news/2013/163_news130503_2013_ram_1500_rwd_v_8_mpg/index.html
  10. help I need to know real world 2013 2500 diesel mpg

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2010 ram regular cab sport 4x4 and I love this truck. I have about 45k on it already and am seriously considering getting a new ram 2500 diesel crew cab but I cant find the mileage anywhere!!! do any of you guys that have a new 2013 or 2012 6.7L diesel tell me what you get in the real...
  11. Newbie with ANOTHER MPG question

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    Hi all, I've wanted a truck for a while now and FINALLY got a Ram 1500 Lonestar Crew Cab with a 5.7L HEMI. I absolutely love it, and I'm having 0 buyer regrets! But of course, there is the never-ending curiousity about better gas mileage. I was determining whether or not to get a bed cover...
  12. Newbie with ANOTHER MPG question

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi all, I've wanted a truck for a while now and FINALLY got a Ram 1500 Lonestar Crew Cab with a 5.7L HEMI. I absolutely love it, and I'm having 0 buyer regrets! But of course, there is the never-ending curiousity about better gas mileage. I was determining whether or not to get a bed cover...
  13. 7 MPG city 8 highway!!

    Dodge Ram MPG Zone
    I get 7.0 mpg city, 8.0-8.3 highway!! No matter how i drive( heavy foot on gas pedal or light foot) i am getting almost the same MPG!!!! Ive changed spark plugs! What other things should i check!?? EGR and Oxygen sensor could be the issue?? How can i know if the oxygen sensor needs changing if...
  14. Installed Hughes Fi airgap intake

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Well i finally did it! Was so tired of wanting more power and MPG that i went ahead and gave myself a Christmas present and bought it ! I will update on performance an MPG as the computer learns. So far i did find my stock intake had a mildly blown plenum gasket and numerous coolant leaks. all...
  15. DiabloSport Trinity Review!

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    I haven't seen many reviews for this on the 2011's yet, and the most helpful reviews were on trucks with numerous bolt-ons, so I thought I would share my experience since for all intents and purposes, mine is stock. BTW, I purchased this from Sean at Hemifever Tuning, Inc on Sunday, and received...
  16. Maybe a tuneup?

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Good evening everyone, I've got a question or two for some more mechanically inclined ram owners out there. We have around 85K(?) miles on it now and am only getting around 300-310 miles to the tank (27gal) with combined city/hwy driving...mainly city. We use to get 330 miles in the city...
  17. I think my CAI is junk

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Installed a Volant CAI on my 2012 BigHorn at around 200 miles. The first 1,000 miles, I noticed that my mileage actually dropped and I was lucky to pull 17 MPG going down the interestate. Those first 200 miles my truck said it was doing 19 and the CAI is the first thing I changed. In between, I...
  18. Mods for power & MPG

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.2 Liter V8
    so I just bought my ram a few weeks ago, and so far i have basically changed the oil and ordered a new exhaust (magnaflow dual catback) I plan on doing a few other things to the tuck but was wondering what other people's opinions are. I'm looking to increase the mpg's if possible and give it a...
  19. mpg increase possible?

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    I recently made some mods to fit 35" tires on my 2012 ram 1500 that are real aggressive looking. Obviously because it looks great, but now I have taken a hit in the MPG range and have dropped from 15.2 mpg to about 13.6. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions about a programmer, intake...
  20. E3 spark plugs, coil packs

    Fuel System
    hey guys i got a few questions for ya. my gas mileage has been droppin here for a few months and i'm tryin to resolve this problem and maybe even get better mileage. i hear alot of stuff about these E3 diamond fire sparkplugs and i'm wondering if they are all that they are put out to be. i'm...