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  1. pass side, what does this truck need to make it right??!

    This view of pass side shows that there's something not quite right with what the seller has done. I really don't think he tried to do anything spectacular to it. He said he never went mudding and just wanted it to look beasty? I looked all under the truck. No nothing to indicate off road! But what
  2. Pass side, 98 ram, 5.9, seller says needs leveling kit 1st

    this is passenger view of the suspension. I could get in there a little easier to see what it has with my camera. Still looks factory to me I guess. Although the seller said I should go grab a 50 dollar leveling kit first thing, I think he also wanted me to consider some other suspension parts. I do
  3. Suspension on 98 Ram, Needs some different new stuff?

    This is what the seller said I had to do for the truck as soon as I could. Put a 50 dollar leveling kit on it. This is close up of what's there now. I should probably get more than a leveling kit maybe? I think the suspension is factory still, it's just the 33" tires that make it seem like it's
  4. Where do the leveling kit pieces go!

    I have this set up, which I think is what Dodge had under the truck when they sold it in 1998. It just happened that the seller put some big fat 33's on it and nothing else. At all. Leveling kit next? A new suspension part or two? Where and how much! Hmmm.
  5. My new Ram-98, 5.9L, 245k, 4x4, 33's, Needs leveling!

    Still trying to see how to do the leveling kit or what else the suspension actually needs besides that. The seller def said I should consider getting a 50 dollar or so leveling kit 1st thing.
  6. 98, 5.9L, 245k, Just bought on the 4th of July!

    I'm trying to see how to put a leveling kit on here as that's what the seller said I should do 1st. Then he said to start a go fund me page for GAS! 10mpg?? omg!
1-6 of 6 Results