1. Nav lag and tpms issue

    Gen 4 Dodge Ram
    I have a 2013 Ram 1500 Sport. The navigation had a horrible lag in it once you enter a destination in. You can be driving down the road and the screen will not follow you. It stays where you were when you logged the destination in until you stay stopped at a light ling enough or touch the screen...
  2. CLImate control not working

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have the 8.4”n radio without auto feature, The other day I started my truck and noticed That the climate control was not working I tried to get in to a local dealer but they were all booked for at least a week. So ILooked into forums and only found Similar stories I tried updating the radio I...
  3. Nav with uConnect 5.0

    2016 Dodge Ram Forum
    I just picked up my Express crew cab and I love it but I'm a little confused. It was my understanding that when you get the Black Package you get the Prefered Equipment Group as well which is why you get the 5.0 with it. Included in the Preferred Equipment Group is the Nav system, but I dont...
  4. Self installed navigation

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I wanted to see if anyone else has recieved this letter. Ram sent me an offer to self install the nav portion on my 8.4. It stated the MSRP is $595 plus fees. Has anyone called and tried to negotiate that to a lower price. It seems, much like cable and xm radio, they would offer a lower price...
  5. Aftermarket Navigation and stereo

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Help..up graded my speakers per Crutchfield's recommendation and the sound is good but lost some volume . I would like to upgrade to Nav. unit from my 5.0 uconnect. Any suggestions ??
  6. For Sale Factory Nav System with Mopar Backup camera, Factory Bumpers chrome

    Dodge Ram Parts and Accessories for Sale - Trade -
    Installed aftermarket stereo system and backup camera and don't need these anymore. This came from my 2012 ram 1500 laramie 4x4 uConnect Nav: $1000 obo Backup Camera: $200 obo I also have front and rear factory bumpers if anyone is interested in those. They are chrome with fog lights and...
  7. UConnect Voice Recognition Not Understanding Most Voice Prompts

    4th Gen UConnect
    So I'm trying to use the Voice Recognition to navigate to an address but 95% of the time it does NOT understand the command and asks me to try again, but every time I try again I get "sorry, I did not understand your command, please try again" it happens very time and can't enter an address via...
  8. Enter Destination While Driving

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I am almost ready to purchase a new 2014 Ram Longhorn, but I did not check something during the test drive. Can you enter a new destination (type in a complete address) while the car is moving and nobody is in the passenger seat? Can you enter an address by voice while the car is moving and...
  9. Upgrade from base cd player to stock touch screen nav question

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Hey im looking at switching the stock radio that comes with my 07 ram to one of the stock touch screen navs will i need anything special to do this? i know i will have to get it unlocked with a Chrysler scan tool and new dash kit also from a dodge that already has a nav. any help would be awesome.
  10. No Zip Code / Postcode Navigation Option

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    I couldn't quite believe that the top of the range 8.4 UConnect would not allow you to navigate to a destination by Zipcode or postcode. I spent hours reading the manual / trying all ways to enter a destination, on Google, on these forums... It appears you can't Not a problem if you know the...
  11. uConnect 8.4a Navigation part number?

    Body & Interior
    Does anyone know the Mopar "part" number for the 8.4a navigation dealer unlock/install? My dealer seems to think I needed to order the 8.4an to get navigation.
  12. Reviews of the Uconnect 8.4a with the nav upgrade

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    A few days into my purchase of a RAM SLT Big Horn CC I'm questioning whether I should have opted for the navigation in the 8.4a system. For those who have it I'd be interested to hear some comments and impressions.
  13. Navigation Radio Bezel?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    First off, hi guys, I'm new here. Most importantly I have been having one hell of a time trying to find a Navigation Radio Bezel for my 2007. I have found some, but they are all priced at over 220 bucks. I was just wondering if anyone here could steer me in a better direction to find one cheaper...
  14. Get the most out of your factory Navigation System

    NAV-TV - MyGIG Integration - Dodge Ram Accessories
    Did you know you can make more features available to you by adding a NAV TV integration solution to your Ram Videos in motion ... Enter Nav addresses on the fly ... add a Backup Camera ... introduce audio/video to your system from your IPOD ... -. My BIG BOSS is allowing VERY VERY...
  15. Factory or LCD Headunit /w Navi

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I have a Mopar non-navi LCD screen radio in the truck now, I installed it, and apparently the dealer says I cannot hookup a camera to it. I hear some people can do a 430N with a camera, but the pixels size on it might not be the best or something. Anyway I am trying to get input whether it...
  16. Radio instal help

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Radio install help I have 2012 ram express that i would like to install a new sony naviagion unit. Which wiring harness will I need? Do I need an canbus for the Express sound system? Please provide part numbers if you can, thanks in advance
  17. 2009 nav system..... sucks

    Good day, So i have the nav system in my 09 Ram and i am not impressed at all. I have a normal Garmin GPS that i still use stuck up on my dash as it is way more accurate. Has anyone had any issues with the factory 09 nav system? It picks routes that are hundreds of km longer and can't figure...
  18. Installing RER in 2012 Ram 1500

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    I want to install Navi and back up camera in my Ram 1500. I found some good deals on ebay/craigslist am am thinking about pulling the trigger. I talked to my local dealer, and gave them the part number for the radio I was thinking about buying (RER). They said that it wouldn't work , as that...
  19. Process - with pics - Installing a DVD navi unit in 3rd Gen

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I wrote this guide up as an eBay guide, to keep up my rating as a top-5000 reviewer - but I think some of the members here may find it useful, especially seeing how many related questions are being asked. If you like it and found it helpful (and have a minute), please also mark it as helpful on...
  20. Installed MyGig Lockpick today

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    I installed a Mygig Lockpick today. For those of you in the market for one, this is a pretty nifty little device. Completely plug and play, and very simple to install. They included plenty of extra wire; I was able to velcro mine inside the dash behind the steering wheel. If I ever need to...