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  1. Cranks with brief ignition then dies

    Gen 3 Dodge Ram
    02 ram 1500 4.7L quad cab 4x4. 296k miles New engine/trans from an 05 durango (did the NGC to JTEC cam & crank ring swap to make it to work) Newish IAC (~30k miles) Newish TPS(~30k miles) New starter and starter solenoid (~10k miles) Battery (~20k miles/ 2 years) It's been running fine for...
  2. '99 1500 Extensive Ignition Issues

    So I bought this 99 ram that wouldnt start, the windows didnt work and the blower motor for the a/c didnt work. I played with the ignition and got it to crank up so i knew it was a bad ignition switch along with those other symptoms. I replaced it with a cheap one I got online and it fixed all...
  3. 2012 Ram 5500 6.7L auto 4x4

    No start, no crank. Live data in TIPM, PCM, TCM and WCM shows the correct key position. Trans range is reading correctly Park/Neutral and all others. New TIPM installed and all modules programmed and up to date, No codes. All modules responsive and communicating. All data wires ohmed to less...
  4. QUESTION! 89 360 tbi no start

    Help!! Been working on a buddies 89 w150 with the 360 L.A. tbi it has a new fuel pump cap rotor plugs wires distributor and timing chain with pulleys. It will pop but it will not run. Ive tried everything to the end of my Wits and nothing is working. Ive tried advancing and retarding the timing...
  5. No start help, 1991 RAM EFI 318

    5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    I could use a little help here. I have a 1991 RAM 1500 with the "EFI" 318. The engine cranks fine but I have no spark whatsoever. I wired up a new coil as the old one was leaking a little oil but I have no fire from the coil. It seems I don't have fuel either as the throttle body does not...
  6. 4.7 will not idle

    4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    Ok guys my 2002 1500 will not idle. It died on me going uphill just like i cut the key off and would not restart. Everything pointed to fuel pump being out cahnged it and plugs and it still would not start unless you hold the throttle to the floor, then it will crank but not idle you have to...
  7. interesting no start issue

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    2010 ram 2500 5.7 hemi truck. has issue with sputtering and dying. still cranks and occasionally coughs but wont start until it sits for a decent amount of time, then will start up. no dtcs have been set, cam sensor is brand new, cam/crank relearn done. any ideas?
  8. Fuel Pump or electrical problem?

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi everyone ! People tell me I have a fuel pump problem. Let me explain my the chain of events that lead up to my problem. I recently moved to Samoa ( a small island in the pacific) I shipped my truck and I disconnected the battery. I reconnected the battery after the car was delivered and the...
  9. '00 Ram 2500 died while driving, no start no spark

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Hi all First let me say Im new and just signed up. Heres what I have 2000 Ram 2500 5.9 gas 4x4 Auto My issue The truck was running fine and suddenly shut down while driving earlier in the week. I had it towed home and checked a few things. There was no fuel pressure so i replaced the pump...
  10. No Crank No Start

    I have a 2005 Ram 1500 with <150K. I personally have only put 1000 miles on it. Picked it up from dealer used as is. A month ago I had the flooded engine issue, pushed the gas down, started right up. Now it seems to be doing the same thing but pushing the gas down doesn't help. When I turn the...
  11. No Start

    Truck started to act up two days ago. went outside started her up and let it warm up for about 15 minutes ran just fine.started driving got about 3 miles down the road and she started to miss and backfire almost stalled. i kicked it into neutral and got it to clear up.started to go up the next...
  12. 98 cummins crank, no start, fuel to IP

    Cummins Diesel Specific Topics
    Sorry if this has already been posted and talked about, i couldnt find anything even remotely close! In short, the pickup ran fine, was parked overnight then restarted the next day, engine died after a few minutes and was never able to restart. There is fuel to the injector pump but not at the...
  13. Still same problem

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    I still have a no start problem....probably pcm so if anyone knows what pcms i can swap with it with out screwing up the truck completely just to see if it works then i will buy a reman its the 2001 1500 sport 5.9 (can i use different yr? 5.2? 5.2 of a different yr?) I have spark...
  14. Coughing noise!

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    2001 Ram 1500 Sport... It turns over starts for a second then dies as its dying it sounds like its on its last breath of a cough.....caaaaaaaaaaah (best i can describe it I've changed crankshaft/camshaft sensor, ignition coil, plugs, wires, battery, checked grounds, fuel pump is about 2yrs...
  15. 1988 v6 tbi d100 no start

    V6 Specific Topics
    ok so I finally got around to pulling my old 1st gen out of storage and trying to get it running after a few months of it being in storage, and when I had it in storage i had the filler neck off it for the fact that the hose was leaky and I didnt get a chance to put it back on, but I did cover...
  16. 03 4.7 need buying advice on lash adjusters

    4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    I bought a 2003 quad cab today with the 4.7 powertech in it and on the way home it managed to spit out something in the valvetrain and leave a dent in the valve cover. The engine bogged and then stalled. I had a quick look at the engine bay and there is a dent/crack towards the back of the...
  17. engine shut down!!??

    while back probing the low pressure air conditioning switch on my 02 ram 1500 4.7l...we put power to it with a power probe and the engine shut off and wont start back up but does crank. fuel pump doesnt turn on and gauges dont wondering if we activated the immobilizer or the pcm is fried
  18. Won't start when hot.

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Hello RamForumz members, my name is Nick and am new here. I have a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.9 L, 4 spd, automatic Transmission, and 4wd. I'm having issues it the past couple of that started intermittently and progressively became more and more frequent. Here's what happens... the first...
  19. No start, changed ECU bad again?

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Ram 1500, 5.9, 4x4, Auto. It started long time ago where it would shut off at about half hr. after starting and it wouldn't start back again until I let it coold for a while. Then scalated to cranck but no start, changed CPS on bellhousing of tranny & then TPS, nothing. Changed pick up coil...
  20. ECU went bad...again?

    5.9 4x4 Auto. Had starting issues, cranck but no start, changed cranck sensor on bellhousing of tranny, nothing. Changed pick up coil under distributor cap, that fixed it for a while, then again same problem, it would crank but no start. Changed another pick up coil...nothing. So I changed ECU...