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  1. LD RAM - General Discussion
    I own a 2019 ram 1500 classic with a 5.7 l hemi engine. I've been searching for the holy Grail and regards to oil and filter and I think I found the perfect combination. I have chosen to use wolf's head full synthetic oil with a wix filter. Seems like the ticking on the cold start has gone away...
  2. 3.6L (220 cu in) Pentastar V6 Specific Topics
    Where is the oil fiter located on the 3.6l V6?
  3. Oil Change
    Just did my first oil change (followed the owner's manual break in instructions) then dropped the oil at 1,000 miles. I wanted to share how it went incase someone here could benefit. Buying the Filter: I went to Autozone and got the Mobile 1 Synth special with the Mobile 1 filter. They looked...
  4. Oil Change
    Any one have any good ideas on how to change the oil filter from spilling out during changing? Kind of a bad position if you ask me. Unless I am missing something. Thanks to all in advance
1-4 of 4 Results