paint issues.

  1. Roadway Paint

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    Good afternoon all, I just sent my brand new blue 2014 dodge ram through the wash. While I was drying it, I noticed several very small white spots here and there on my passenger side that won't come of with my fingernail. I am assuming they are complimentry of DOT repainting a fog line...
  2. Any hope?!

    Washing & Waxing
    Alright guys, this isn't a question for me, it's being posted for a friend. She has a 2002 Dodge Dakota in... Flame Red(?) that she got a handful of months ago. She's got some issues with the paint that she wanted me to look at and 'fix'. Didn't realize what it was till I saw it. She, like me...
  3. Paint Issue

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    I've got a spider web of cracking occurring right next to my antenna housing. It isn't occurring because of car washes...running the antenna through the brushes. Truck is 6 months old and Chrysler is denying it as a warranty claim. There claim is "Outside Influence" is causing the problem. I...
  4. Paint issues with Hunter Green Metallic

    Body & Interior
    Hey all! i am the owner of a 2011 Ram Sport , which is finished with Hunter Green Metallic Paint. The truck is only 8 months old and i am having some paint issues. The truck is currently in the shop having the drivers side fender painted due to a misaligned Bumper. I am just wondering if anyone...