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  1. LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have noticed a ticking sound coming from the top of my 3.6L v6. From what I hear it may be the rocker arm bearing or lifter. Not sure. I never miss an oil change or let it go dry. How dangerous is it to drive it that way or how long do I have?
  2. Great Plains
    I just bought a 2016 ram 1500 with the v6 Pentastar engine. The problem: 3rd time I started it, it cranked for probably 3 seconds and then finally started. It has done it 2 times since then. I have some some looking on this forum and found others with the problem. Some people say it could be...
  3. 3.6L (220 cu in) Pentastar V6 Specific Topics
    does any one have a part number for a replacement thermostat for the pentastar I want to try replacing the thermostat to stop the 230 degree running temp or I will need to sell the truck
  4. 3.6L (220 cu in) Pentastar V6 Specific Topics
    Okay, so I have the 2014 1500 QC with around 2500mi on it so far. Recently, even here in Arizona, we have been having some cold mornings (not compared to the rest of the country, but still cold to us, lol.) and after sitting over night, my truck seems to have a hard shift out of first gear into...
1-5 of 7 Results