1. Late Model Year Change?

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    I am picking up my new 1500 Laramie tomorrow. It was built the last week of July. I stopped in to sign some papers tonight and got to see it (they still have to detail it, and add some trim). So here's why I'm posting... The Laramie on the lot I was looking at when I make my order had a small...
  2. "Vehicle Phone Requires Service"

    4th Gen UConnect
    I'm the current owner of a 2013 Ram SLT with Uconnect 8.4. About once every three weeks, early in the drive, I get a notification on the 8" screen (not the gauge cluster) indicating that the "Vehicle Phone Requires Service" and the "911" button and indicator on the mirror illuminate. This goes...
  3. Bluetooth OBD2 anyone?

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    I tried using the search feature, and came up with zero results. I just ordered one on Amazon (signed up for a prime trial, got free 2 day shipping :smileup:) The bluetooth part was 22 bucks, and I am going to try one of the apps for my Android phone or Tablet. I am currently have a Wrangler...
  4. Uconnect phone functionality

    Hello. I just realized that when I'm on a call using the Uconnect bluetooth in my 2010 Ram 1500, it won't transfer the call to my phone after I turn the engine off, take out the key, exit the vehicle and close the door behind me. I expected it would transfer the call to my phone when I open...