1. Quality Control - 2016 1500 Sport Crew, 4x4

    2016 Dodge Ram Forum
    After 3 weeks with the new RAM, i'm finding things I don't think I should be finding -seriously questioning the quality control (at Warren Assembly?). This is not what a customer should expect for a $50k truck. All four wheel well covers, missing 1-2 bolt fastners Stray bolt found on...
  2. Poor highway fuel economy with 2014 ram 1500 3.6L

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi guys, I'm having the dreaded hard downshift issue from 2-1. It's really really frustrating. I'm taking it in to the dealer next week. I'm also experiencing pretty poor Highway fuel economy. In the city I'm beating the rated economy by a bit. The highway is not that good. I'm right around...
  3. Vararam NOT sealing on '14 sport

    VARARAM - Dodge Ram Performance!
    I waited for my Vararam to make an impression in my hood. Checked again today and it is clear that it is NOT sealing at the passenger side rear curve area. I placed a Marmot headlamp into the tray at this corner, shining upwards, and made a movie by placing my cell on the old intake area...