power windows

  1. Electrical Magic?

    I recently got my 2005 Ram SLT 4.7cyl truck some overdue shoes and when I picked "her" up as I was driving away I noticed that the driver's side window wen down a little on it's own, stopped, did it again, stopped until it made it all the way down. I raised the window and the process repeated...
  2. 2001 Power window/lock harness

    I am wanting to install a new set of doors, from a 2000, on my truck, which is a 2001. My drivers door is messed up and I found a guy that has both doors and they have power accessories. As I would like to have the power accessories, I will just get both doors. However, I do not understand...
  3. tipm mod

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    hello rammers. I'm a nubie so please bear with me. last week I posted a question and now can't find it so I'll ask again. (I probably pushed wrong button) Can I cut the orrd wire at the tipm c6 connector AND the pkyl wire at the tipm c9 connector then tie the orrd c6 stub to the pkyl wire to...
  4. 2015 Naked Door - wiring question

    I'm attempting to add power windows and locks to my 2015 Std. Cab, and let's not worry about the "well why'd you buy it that way dummy?" thing, some of us don't have the three months it takes to fit a custom order in the manufacturing queue and everything else about the truck other than the...
  5. Help troubleshooting power lock and window controls

    Summary: Driver's side controls: Power windows work, door lock does not (neither lock nor unlock). Passenger side controls: Power window does not work at all, power lock unlocks only (does not lock). Remote (the good one): will unlock doors, but not lock. Under dash module/control/actuator...
  6. 91 dodge 4x4 315

    Heating & Cooling
    OK guys... my power windows and heater just stopped working.... I checked the fuse and I think they are ok... what's up with some help??
  7. Power Windows stuck?

    Body & Interior
    Hey Guys! I got a quick question for ya, I have a 1988 Dodge d100 and It has power windows, but they wont roll down, one I know the gear is stripped out beyond belif, but my drivers side door the motor will not even come on it will just click and have a low growl to it when I hold the and...
  8. 91 Dodge ram AC and windows won't work

    I went out to my truck and tried to roll my windows down but they didn't work. I tried the ac and it didn't work either. What's strange is the last time I drove it everything was working fine. I checked all the fuses and they are all good. Has anyone else had this issue?