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  1. My Truck

    Storm Coming ⚡️ 6" ProComp 2.8 Bilstein 5100 Mickey MTZ 35x12.50 SideBiter II's
  2. Suspension
    Okay here is the ram with 3in and 315/75/16 mudclaws. The rub as I was checking is with wheel cranked all the way left or right(Basically when you here that powersteering strain sound). These are some cool tires and I think next year after get body done, I may go with a 6inch lift or do other...
  3. Suspension
    Hey all! 4X4 Parts was running deal on Procomp 3inch lift 519(plus tax)w/free install. Here are some pics of it, new break lights. I plan on doing it with black accents & have a black grill & smoked headlights already on the way. I am looking at aggressive 33's & watching craigslist My toolbox I...
1-3 of 4 Results