1. 07 hemi fuel pump part number

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Does anyone know the part number to the fuel pump for a 07 ram 1500 hemi rwd? Its time to replace mine and a shop is charging me $184 for the pump alone. Autozone and oreillys have them about the same price, but im trying to see if i can get one cheaper online. I heard to avoid airtex brand...
  2. New Members & RAM Owners--HALP!!

    3.9L V6 Specifc Topics
    Hello all. Thanks for having us! We are a couple in Richmond, VA with a 99 Ram Van 1500 3.9 and she won't stop SQUEALING! Just replaced the idler pulley and the serpentine belt--but we know there are so many more components this noise could be coming from. Seems to MOSTLY happen while the AC is...
  3. Windshield Washer pump not working

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    2010 Dodge Ram 2wd, 6.7 diesel SLT. When I depress the washer fluid lever, nothing comes out and I don't hear a hum, indicating to me the pump has gone bad. I checked the fuse and it's fine. What is a good recommended pump (i.e Trico?) and how do I change it out? Is it accessible from just...
  4. Power steering failure, pump replacement question

    So the power steering went out on my truck yesterday, signed up so I could ask this question. When I bought the truck seven months ago, I took it to get inspected, the steering was a little noisy so I wanted the power steering checked out specifically. The mechanic said that the rack and pinion...
  5. Squeal/whine from front of the engine when warmed

    5.7L (345 cu in) HEMI V8 Specific Topics
    Hey everyone, I know this is a common issue with dodges in general but I didn't see a recent thread on the issue so here goes: My 2010 ram with the 5.7 has a squeal/whine/chirp noise coming from the front of the engine in the belt area. It only seems to start when the engine is warmed up (15...