1. 2014 Ram 1500 Tradesman uConnect upgrade?

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    Hello everyone, New here and had a question. I have a 2014 Ram 1500 Tradesman with the basic stock radio. I was looking at aftermarket upgrades for this model/year vehicle - and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the concerns would be for upgrading to an aftermarket radio...
  2. QUESTION! Brand New 2020 3500 Laramie Uconnect Infotainment center issue

    Greetings - for my one and only American car - 2 days out from the dealership - the infotainment center seems to get lost/hung about 2 out of 3 times getting in and starting the truck. Screen basically sits at XM radio loading with the little red dots. if I go to the XM radio page, it's...
  3. Aftermarket radio question

    I’m new to the ram family. Just got a 2019 1500 classic. I have an aftermarket double din radio with apple Car play that I’d love to install. But I have a few question. What dash kit will work. What harness will work. And how to still use the factory backup camera with my aftermarket radio?
  4. 06 Ram 3500 TIPM issues?

    First off, this problem is a nightmare! It all started with my truck not shutting off. I blew the ignition switch feed #22 fuse five times, it has constant power. Had to wire in a toggle switch. AC started blowing warm, fan clutch has been replaced three times in four years, radio works...
  5. Radio Issue

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    My radio has been acting up. It will turn off every two minutes, restart, then turn back on. I’ve checked the fuse by the battery outside of the fuse box. It’s fine. I’ve done the whole undo the battery leads. Didn’t work. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! I have no clue what’s wrong.
  6. 2016 Ram big horn uconnect

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    Turn on and off on it’s own. Only going to the ram emblem then off again. Very frustrating to try and figure out the fix
  7. WANTED: RA2 UCONNECT Radio for 2013

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    Looking for an RA2 Radio.
  8. 2019 Ram 1500, Uconnect, Radio, issues

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    I have a 2019 Ram Rebel($62K) with a 12" Uconnect system that has had on and off issues from the beginning... at first I did not recognize them as something was wrong with system because of the new system. When I figure enough is enough I contacted Uconnect and got a case manager Sherri , who...
  9. Radio

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey guys! I’m wondering if anyone can help me out and answer a question I have. The touch screen in my 12’ ram 1500 Laramie is busted and don’t work anymore. I’ve seen a couple of touch screens out of different dodge vehicles that look like they’ll fit, but will they work? For example I have my...
  10. [FS] '12 factory NAV (RHB) head unit - Make offer

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    Hi there, Just pulled this head unit out of my 2012 RAM 1500 Sport. It is working fine as of yesterday. I replaced it with an aftermarket head unit that has android auto support. I have no idea if these are usable outside of the truck they came out of, so no warranty expressed or implied by...
  11. UConnect 5.0 Radio Dead/Blacked Out in 2013 Ram 1500 Quadcab

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    I've tried the soft reset by holding down the volume/tune buttons already. Checked the F67 fuse and it's fine. The time on my dash panel even shows "--:--" indicating that it can't pull the time from the radio since it's not turning on. The radio worked fine during my 30 min ride and then I...
  12. 2005 Ram 1500 radio and keyless unlock/lock will not work

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    So just bought a 2005 Ram 1500 quad cab Laramie with the infinity sound system. Wanted to update the radio so I bought the metra factory amp bypass harness so I unplugged the factory amp and plugged in the new harness and tryed to turn the new radio was getting no power to it so I then put the...
  13. Why does the radio keep turning on?

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    My 2013 Ram was upgraded from a Uconnect3.0 to a Uconnect5.0 radio system before I bought it from my son. It was done before he bought it. When I start the truck, the radio turns on, no matter if I had it off when I last shut it down. When the radio is off, it always turns on when I shut off...
  14. Radio and Steering Wheel Controls

    2018 Dodge Ram Forum
    2018 Ram 1500 4door Big Horn-24000miles. Yesterday started truck, radio was silent. Changed the station on dash and word for about 5 second and silent again. Switched station again, worked for about 10 seconds and silent once more. After that, all radio controls no longer worked on dash or on...
  15. Radio Identification Information

    2016 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2016 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Big Horn. Can anyone tell me how to identify my radio. I am wanting to install the back-up camera in the tailgate handle. I'm also wondering if I will find the wiring harness already in place for the camera if anyone might know. Thanks in advance.
  16. Random channel change HU#68224531AD radio

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Large display radio running 17.11.07 software randomly changes stations on SXM, FM & any connected device.. Seemed to be worse at higher altitudes (RMNP), but still occuring randomly at lower altitudes in hotter conditions. Steering wheel control buttions seem to be functioning normally & don't...
  17. Tapping into 12v behind dash

    Hello I have a cobra 19dx compact cab radio w/pa I want to install in my 13 1500 slt. Since I plan to mount it near the center dash I was wondering if it would be ok to tap into the 12v(cig lighter looking port right of drivers leg) I don’t want to use an external adapter to connect from the...
  18. Backup Camera Issues

    4th Gen UConnect
    I have a 2015 Ram 1500 Sport with the 8.4 Uconnect, with roughly 46000 miles on it. Lately, my backup camera has been very hit or miss. It either works perfectly, looks like a Skype call with a bad connection, or just doesn't display at all (but will display the "check all surroundings" warning...
  19. Radio and Dash Lights Issue

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi, Got a 2013 1500 Outdoorsman. Having a big problem with both of these for the last 2 months. Dash lights stay on all night and drain the battery and the radio when I start the truck just off and on flashes the RAM symbol with no music or anything. (Alot of long drives to work with no Music.)...
  20. Upgrade from stock FEW to premium factory?

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    I have a 2011 RAM 1500 Bighorn. My question is Can I simply replace my RES radio with one of the better factory radios? Would it be plug n play, and would my steering wheel controls still work? Will all the features work on the new radio? My RES does have satellite radio that works. It has...